Chapter 791 Fate Is in Your Own Hands

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It was not the first time that someone found her face familiar.

However, the old woman’s feeling was not because she had previously watched a TV commercial Su Bei starred in.

Instead, she could find that long-awaited feeling when looking at Su Bei.

Su Bei accompanied her in the car and they had a simple conversation.
The wrinkles on the old woman’s face smoothed out.
She even hoped the journey would be longer so she could spend more time with Su Bei.

They were about to reach their destination when the old woman got out of the car at a street junction.
“This is it.”

“Then I’ll send you down.” Su Bei thought that since she had already sent the old woman here, she should just send her to her doorstep.

“I’m an old woman but I still have some stamina.
You youngsters have a lot of things to do, so I won’t hold you up.” The old woman thought for a while and asked, “Child, can you give me your phone number?”

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Su Bei readily agreed and gave the old woman her number, but she did not leave her name.
Perhaps the old woman would soon know her name.

“See you around,” the old woman said with a grin.
“By the way, there’s no pin on that card.
You can keep it for yourself to spend.”

“What?” Su Bei did not understand what the old woman meant, but the old woman had already left.

Su Bei nodded and waved at her.

“Driver, please go to this address.” Su Bei gave an address.

Then, she felt a bank card in her hand.
Recalling the old woman’s words, Su Bei quickly asked the driver to turn back.
It turned out that the old woman had left the card with her.
The meaning of her words was to tell

her that the card she gave her did not have a pin.

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The old woman was still worried about Su Bei, so she left the card with her.
This was also considered to be a selfish move because of the familiar feeling she felt with Su Bei.

When Su Bei returned, the old woman had already disappeared and could no longer be found.

There were rows upon rows of buildings all around.
It was impossible to tell where the old woman was.

Su Bei was secretly vexed.
She only gave the old woman her number but did not ask for hers.
There was no chance for her to return the card.

Holding such a bank card placed her in a difficult situation.

The old woman walked home slowly.
Lin Hancheng and Lin Wenyu went forward to welcome her.
“Mom, Grandma!”

Lin Hancheng had a square face, appearing dignified and noble.
He was also full of the aura of a middle-aged man who held a high position.
He saw the old woman get out of a car, and in that car, there seemed to be

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someone who looked like a great sage.
He couldn’t help but frown.

“Mom, did you go to the temple?” Lin Hancheng asked.
As an important member of S Country, he had never believed in the supernatural.
Logically speaking, his mother would not believe in those things either.
The Lin

family relied on their own abilities to conquer the world since they were founded.
They had always believed that fate was in their hands.

The only thing he was afraid of was that his mother would believe those things and be deceived.

The old woman was Old Madam Lin.
She said kindly, “No, I don’t believe in that either.”

As for the ‘great sage’, she had explained that she only did so because of her friends’ private matters.
She asked Old Madam Lin not to tell anyone about it, lest it spread to Mrs.
Yue and cause trouble for her friends in

the future.

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Seeing that his mother was unwilling to speak, Lin Hancheng was a little worried..

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