Chapter 781: Visit Me Anytime

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Su Bei closed her eyes.
She made up her mind and lifted the cloth.

Something in front of her made her heart stop.

It was because it was too exquisite!

‘The aqua-green jade was made into jewelry of different styles.
The exquisite handiwork and design made it a visual feast.

It gave people the feeling that it was a dazzling lineup of jewelry, too much for the eyes to take in.

Su Bei thought of something and asked, “Did you make all these out of the jade you brought back from that day?”

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Feng Cheng’s eyes were bright, and he nodded a little embarrassedly.

“Feng Cheng! You’re really a genius!” Su Bei praised from the bottom of her heart.
“I was with a friend before and saw him buy raw stones, but he was just playing around and didn’t know how to make them into jewelry.
Your craftsmanship is really superb.”

Feng Cheng put down the things and typed a message: [Those people wanted to spend a few million to buy this piece of jade, but if I sell it to them, it’ll be wasted in their hands.
By extracting the jade myself to make jewelry, I can save on costs and also make more out of it.]

Su Bei read it and said, “Yes, the better the craftsmanship and the more experienced one is, the better they can make use of the jade.
It’s rare that it’s a complete piece of jade.
Not everybody can be as lucky.
To make the most out of it, one must have outstanding skills.”

Feng Cheng’s eyes lit up as he nodded.
His face brightened up as he typed out another message: [These are all for you.]

Su Bei picked up a few random jewelry pieces.
Some were earrings, while others could be embedded into rings.
They were all incomparably exquisite.
However, for things like jade, the color mattered a lot.
These were more suitable for women of age and experience.
Young women were not suitable to wear

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Moreover, it was impossible for Su Bei to wear so much jewelry at once.

“How about this? If you don’t ming, sell these.
How about it? It’s useless to keep so many.” Su Bei asked for his opinion.

Feng Cheng thought for a while and continued to send WeChat messages.
[Okay, but this requires you to open a studio or a company.
Otherwise, it’ll be considered a talentless operation.)

“Okay, I’ll settle this matter.” Su Bei saw that he had found something he liked to do, and his complexion was much better than before.
His body had also recovered quite well, and he was willing to participate in this.

Feng Cheng was very interested in this, but his interest was entirely on the jade stone.
He was immediately immersed in it and sat down.
He picked up his professional tools and started to work on his stones.

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‘When Su Bei was about to leave, he took out Lin Wenyu’s bracelet and asked Su Bei to bring it to Lin Wenyu.

Su Bei looked carefully and found that the bracelet, which was broken in one place previously, had been completely repaired.

‘The repair work was done exceedingly well.
It was so green that it blended perfectly with the original jade.
It was sparkling and translucent.
Unexpectedly, even after Feng Cheng patched it up, there were no traces left behind at all.
It looked as if it had just been made.

Feng Cheng’s craftsmanship and ability were evident.

After returning home, Su Bei sent Lv Shan a WeChat message.
[I haven’t seen the baby yet.
Is it convenient for me to visit him tonight?)

[Of course, it’s convenient.
Visit me anytime.] Lv Shan quickly sent a smiley face.

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[Then Tl come over tonight.] Coincidentally, Su Bei had gotten a small jade pendant from Feng Cheng.
It was the perfect gift for a little kid..

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