There was thunderous applause from the audience.

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Su Bei then walked to the front of the stage, stopped, and took off her veil.

This was the planned sequence of her performance on the stage to show the connection between the oriental classical culture and modern culture.

As soon as she removed her veil, the reporters in the front row couldn’t help but say, “She’s not Su Huixian! Even with heavy makeup, the difference between them is very obvious.”

“Those long legs and amazing features… Isn’t she Su Bei, who got the first place in the second-round test?”

“Yes, that’s Su Bei! I know her.
She won first place in the second-round test.
Her legs are simply a treasure.
I can’t be wrong.”

“Indeed, that’s Su Bei!”

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“Su Bei!”

“Hurry, let’s take photos of her! I didn’t expect her to be this beautiful.
She’s killing my camera!”

“It seems that she is more suitable to be on that stage than Su Huixian.”

Xu Zhiqin’s face darkened at once.
As a mother, she could tell that the woman at the center of the stage was not her daughter.

Su Xingfu and Du Luo were both surprised.
Was that Su Bei on the stage right now? Yes, it was really her!

Her self-confidence, perfect performance, oriental charm, and shocking long legs were like loud slaps on their faces.

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When they came back to their senses, Su Bei was already gone, and the other models appeared on the stage.

Xu Zhiqin didn’t dare to talk to Su Xingfu anymore.
She still believed that Su Huixian would definitely be on the stage.

However, the show was about to end.
All the models went back to the stage for the final curtain, but Su Huixian hadn’t shown up yet.

Xu Zhiqin was so angry that she rushed backstage without letting Su Xingfu and Du Luo know.

Su Huixian was still there, having some rest.
She felt much better now after taking medicine.
As soon as she saw Xu Zhiqin approaching, she threw herself into Xu Zhiqin’s arms and burst into tears.

“Huixian, what is going on?” Xu Zhiqin asked anxiously.
“What trick did Su Bei play this time?”

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Qiu Minxuan answered on her behalf, “Mrs.
Su, Su Bei put something in Huixian’s water, which triggered her asthma.
Since Huixian was disqualified, Su Bei was able to walk on the stage.”

“Damn it!” The expression on Xu Zhiqin’s face drastically changed.
She then said fiercely, “How dare she play such a dirty trick on my daughter! I will definitely ruin her reputation.”

She let go of Su Huixian and said to Qiu Minxuan, “Call the police right now.
Keep all the evidence.
We have to ask Su Bei for an explanation.”

“I’ve already called the police and collected all the evidence.
This is the glass that Huixian used.
We’ve also asked someone to check the surveillance video, and Su Bei did touch this glass,” Qiu Minxuan replied.

As an agent, she couldn’t dare to neglect such a big thing.

“Where is Su Bei now?” Xu Zhiqin asked angrily.

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“She’s still being interviewed in front of the stage.”

When Su Huixian heard this, she felt sad again.

The opportunity to be interviewed by the press was supposed to be hers.

Su Xingfu and Du Luo followed Su Zhiqin backstage.
And the looks on their faces also changed when they heard such a thing.

Su Huixian, who had been crying bitterly just now, stopped and said, “Dad, Du Luo, although Su Bei drugged me, I believe that she didn’t mean to hurt me.
Maybe she just lost her sanity for a moment.
The only thing that saddens me and makes me depressed is that she has become like this.
Why does she hate me more and more?”

Seeing the tears that streamed down her face, Du Luo hurriedly hugged her to comfort her.
“It’s okay.
Since you have already called the police, let them teach her a lesson.”

Then he thought inwardly, ‘Also, this will stop Su Bei from taking the wrong path and harming others and herself.
It’s better to wake her up this early than let her ruin herself in the future.’

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