Chapter 749: What Was Going On Between Them Behind Her Back?

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“Lu Heting, Lin Stone!” Su Bei had followed Lin Yu out.
“I was wondering where you went.
So you guys were whispering here! Lu Heting, when did you arrive?”

Lu Heting’s expression did not change.
“I was passing by.
I wanted to take a look and wait for you to get off work.”

Su Bei felt her heart go soft.
She went up and held his arm.
“Then you have to wait a little longer.
I still have an important scene to shoot.”

“Su Bei, let him wait in the car!” Lin Yu couldn’t stand the pressure anymore.

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“Why? It’s not like it’s a shameful scene.
What’s wrong with Lu Heting staying to watch? Besides, it’s so cold outside.
It’s much more comfortable on set,” Su Bei said protectively.

Lu Heting smiled and looked at Lin Yu.

Lin Yu couldn’t believe it.
It was supposed to be a scene where he showed off his affection, but now he was watching these two’s PDA.

Lu Heting saw Su Bei wearing armor as her costume and his eyes darkened.
“Is it heavy?”

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Since both of them said so, Su Bei could only agree.

How did Lu Heting and Lin Yu get so close all of a sudden? Weren’t they still unhappy with each other before? What was going on between them behind her back?

After she found Director Guo Feng, she told him about it.
Director Guo Feng saw that none of them had any objections, and he did he have any either.

However, it seemed like this wasn’t the first time he saw Lu Heting and Su Bei together.
The two of them had an intimate look on their faces.
He felt as though his Su Bei had been stolen.

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After interacting with Su Bei for so long, Director Guo Feng had long treated her like his daughter.
When he thought about how his daughter had a boyfriend, he could not control the discomfort in his heart.

Even though Lu Heting was tall and handsome, which father didn’t think that his daughter was a princess who deserved the best prince?

Director Guo Feng could tell that Lu Heting and Su Bei were dating.
He said bitterly, “Young man, don’t interfere in Su Bei’s future.
She’s a good girl!”

Lu Heting was indifferent at first, but after hearing Director Guo Feng’s words, he felt respect for him and nodded.
“I know, Director Guo Feng..”

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