Chapter 725: Bring The Check And Follow Me

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Lu Heting glanced at Li Qisheng.
As expected of the general manager of Di Xing Media, he had good taste.

Li Qisheng suddenly looked up and saw the smile on Lu Heting’s face.
He was stunned for a moment.
He had worked with Lu Heting before and been around for a long time.
However, this was the first time he saw the man smile like this.

He was stumped.
Lu Heting’s abnormal behavior was putting him under a lot of pressure.

“However, her reputation isn’t very good.
Recently, she has been embroiled in scandals.
Everyone says that her luck isn’t good.
Working with her will cause bad luck to the entire company.
Therefore, I don’t dare to take this risk…” This was also the reason why Li Qisheng hadn’t contacted Su Bei.

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Lu Heting’s face darkened.
Li Qisheng thought he was unhappy.
That’s right.
The people who had worked with Su Bei before were all so unlucky.
It was normal that Mr.
Lu didn’t want to hear about this.

Furthermore, Mr.
Lu didn’t care who Di Xing Media signed.

Li Qisheng regretted asking Mr.
Lu this.
He immediately said, “Mr.
Lu, please tell me what to do.
I don’t dare to bother you with other things.”

“Do you also believe those groundless rumors?” There was a hint of dissatisfaction in Lu Heting’s voice.

“I don’t believe that, but it’s hard to explain to the shareholders.
Actually, there are many good actresses, but I have a feeling that Su Bei can become a peerless superstar.
There aren’t many good actresses with such qualifications.” Li Qisheng couldn’t help but talk non-stop when he mentioned Su Bei.

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Li Qisheng realized that he had said too much and quickly shut up.

“Su Bei is currently in the Tang family’s own company.
I’m afraid she won’t find another company anytime soon.
If you have the intention, invest in Two Phoenixes first.” Lu Heting tapped the table lightly.
He had asked Li Qisheng to come over for the investment as well.

He had thought that he would have to spend some effort to convince Li Qisheng, but he didn’t expect Li Qisheng to think highly of Su Bei.
Lu Heting could actually predict that many people in the industry, who were being quiet right now, actually thought highly of Su Bei.
It was just that there were many people who had no choice and no one could directly seek out Su Bei, which led to this situation.

Li Qisheng was surprised.
Lu knew Su Bei? And he knew her quite well? Could it be that Mr.
Lu also…

“Bring the check and follow me now.”

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“What about the shareholders?” Li Qisheng was really shocked.
Lu actually wanted to personally invest in Su Bei? What kind of treatment was this?

Even Jia Shiyun of Di Xing Media, who was rumored to be personally groomed by Mr.
Lu, had never received any resources from Mr.

Now, Mr.
Lu was taking the initiative to invest in Su Bei?

“Do I need them to agree to my decision?” Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.

Li Qisheng understood and immediately followed Lu Heting.
Who cares? Since Mr.
Lu had already spoken, he would just do as he said.
Besides, wasn’t it his own intention to invest in Su Bei?

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Su Bei was waiting in the Grand Prosperity Tower when the door to the hall opened.
Lu Heting and Lu Hang walked out together with a man in his early 30s.

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Lu Heting walked to Su Bei and introduced her to him..
“This is the general manager of Lu Group’s Di Xing Media Company, Li Qisheng.”

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