We can’t see what you do behind closed doors.
They say you can never really know someone… but we can see right through hypocritical models like you!”

“Since you’ve already made up your mind, what can I do? You won’t believe me at all, will you?” Judging from their words, Su Bei knew that these people were anti-fans.

She immediately took out her mobile phone and said, “This so-called KTV is an illegal venue.
It hasn’t been officially approved.
It is just a front for prostitution.
Today, I’m going to report this place to the police.
When they arrive, I also want to sue some of you for slander.
Everyone who questioned me just now, please stay here.”

The anti-fans exchanged nervous glances; they hadn’t expected that Su Bei would stand her ground firmly.

For the hundred-yuan bribe that they had been given, they were ready to come here and ruin her image, but they weren’t ready to get into trouble.
So as soon as they heard that the police were coming, they all scattered.

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The only people who did stay behind were Su Bei’s loyal fans.
They had come here in person because they were really worried about her.

Su Bei said to them slowly, “All of you, please go home.
I will give you a complete explanation later.
Please don’t let your personal affairs be disturbed because of me.”

The fans were touched to hear these words.
One by one, they left the venue.

The person in charge of the KTV heard the news and rushed over.
He was fuming.

The crowd present didn’t only include Su Bei’s fans, but also a lot of random onlookers who were potential customers for the KTV.

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How could they do business after the trouble that she had stirred?

He took out the contract and threw it in front of her.
“Su Bei, look at these terms! Look at the consequences of breaching the contract! Even if you sell yourself, you won’t be able to pay the damages!”

Without saying a word, Su Bei squatted down and carefully picked up the document.

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