Chapter 718: Ruined Overnight

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“You even brought reporters with you,” Fang Yourong said.
“You want to let them know that you’re here to visit your senior.
When I’m down and out, you’re showing your concern toward me.
You want to let this beautiful and kind deed known by the outside world.”

After being exposed, Zhou Yao did not refute her.
Instead, she laughed heartily.
“That’s right, I want to build this kind of reputation for myself.
After all, the company is about to give me all your resources.
Your commercials, movies, and TV shows will all be mine.
Sister Yourong, you can leave without any worries.”

Fang Yourong said hatefully, “Zhou Yao, I’ve treated you well.
Why are you treating me like this? Why did you put catkins into my package? If I had known about my illness, the sooner I treated it, the higher the chances of recovery!”

“Is that so? Then why don’t you reflect on yourself? It’s your nature to be paranoid, arrogant, and superior! If you had listened to Su Bei earlier, would this have happened? Did you ever think about how righteous you were when you scolded me? The heavens have eyes.
Retribution has finally come.
Furthermore, there’s no room for a comeback.”

Zhou Yao’s harsh words echoed in the ward.

“Is that why you changed the contents of the package Su Bei gave me?” Fang Yourong asked sharply.

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Zhou Yao did not respond directly but said, “Sister Yourong, being angry is not good for your recovery.
You should rest well.”

With that, she turned and walked out.

Fang Yourong really wanted to tear her apart.

The police were investigating the package, but it was difficult to convict anyone.

Even if there was an outcome, it wouldn’t affect Zhou Yao too much.
After all, catkins weren’t something that could kill.

But did Zhou Yao really think that because Fang Yourong was about to die, there would be no way for her to deal with her?

Fang Yourong still had the video of her climbing into a certain director’s bed!

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Soon, Fang Yourong sold the video to the paparazzi at a high price.

This video caused a huge stir on the internet.
It was too explosive and eye-catching.

Zhou Yao immediately looked for her backer.
They spent a huge sum of money to delete the video and would then cover up this matter with other news.

Unexpectedly, before she could delete it, the video was pinned on Weibo.
Lu Heting would definitely not keep such a dangerous person around to create trouble for Su Bei.
He could make use of this incident to settle her directly.

Criticisms engulfed Zhou Yao completely.
No matter how she struggled, it was useless.

Zhou Yao, who was already waiting to receive all of Fang Yourong’s resources, lost her reputation overnight.
She was kicked out of the company after her contract was terminated and she had to compensate for breach of contract.
There was no hope for her to make a comeback.

Seeing Zhou Yao’s news online, Su Bei guessed that Fang Yourong was behind it.

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No one could hold on to such a piece of shocking news until now unless it was the person closest to Zhou Yao.

Coincidentally, Fang Yourong was her best friend.

“This means that Zhou Yao was the one who put catkins in the package.
Zhou Yao might have wanted to create a misunderstanding between Fang Yourong and me, or she just wanted Fang Yourong to have an allergic reaction.
No matter what, she didn’t have good intentions,” Su Bei said.

Lu Heting narrowed his eyes.
“This woman is indeed the source of all the trouble.
She deserves what’s happening to her now.”

Su Bei said, “Luckily, I don’t have to work with them anymore.
How scary.”

Lu Heting reached out and hugged her.

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Fang Yourong sat on the bed, her expression frozen.

The news of her stomach examination in America was exposed.
Naturally, the news of her plastic surgery was also exposed.

Even though she was seriously ill, she still received a lot of criticism.

The fans who once loved her were now no longer supporting her.

The sound of a ringing phone woke her up.

She picked it up and realized that the call was from America..
However, the other party spoke in S Country’s language.

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