Chapter 711: Settling It With Hotpot?

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“Why can’t I come? As the second male lead of Two Phoenixes, what’s wrong with me coming to visit a colleague?” Lin Yu said matter-of-factly.
He sat down beside Su Bei’s bed and held her hand.
“Dislocated arm? How is it now? Are you feeling better?”

Lu Heting slapped him away mercilessly.

Lin Yu retracted his hand angrily.
Su Bei quickly said, “I’m fine.
I can be discharged tomorrow.”

She gave him a puzzled look.
“You’re the second male lead? Why don’t I know about it? When did this happen?”

“Director Guo Feng thinks highly of me and has been trying his best to have me join the cast.
I was too lazy to join at first, but seeing his sincerity and after reading about the second male lead’s character, I decided to join.”

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“You just wanted to come back for hotpot, right?” Su Bei looked like she had seen through everything.

Lin Yu’s heart skipped a beat.
“How did you know? No, how did you know that Director Guo Feng promised me that he would bring me to the new restaurant that one can’t dine in even if one lines up?”

Su Bei really did not want to talk to him anymore.
It was indeed for hotpot.

What sincerity? What reading about the second male lead’s character? None of them were as tempting as hotpot, right?

‘If you want to eat, just say so.
Why do you have to come up with so many dignified reasons?’

“Speaking of which, how could the production team be so careless that they ended up hurting you?” Lin Yu looked at Su Bei with a little heartache.

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“It’s not the production team’s fault,” Lu Heting replied.
He had already looked through all the information while Su Bei was asleep.

“So it’s your problem? Is this how you’ve been taking care of Su Bei after she was handed to you?” Lin Yu looked at Lu Heting unhappily.
“If that’s the case, you might as well return her to us.

“Lin Stone, it has nothing to do with Lu Heting!” Su Bei stopped him from continuing.

Lin Yu glanced at Lu Heting.
“Su Bei is being scolded so badly online, but you’re just here feeding her? Can you solve the problem or not? If you can’t, I’ll do it!”

Lu Heting asked coldly, “Are you going to settle it with hotpot?”

Su Bei smiled proudly.
Lu Heting also knew how to use this point to attack Lin Yu!

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“Lu Hang,” Lu Heting called out his name.

“I’m here.
Is there anything I can help you with? Lu… Lu Heting?” It was tough for Lu Heting to address Mr.
Lu by his full name but he had no choice.
After all, Mr.
Lu needed to act like a normal person in front of Young Madam.

Therefore, Lu Hang could only pretend to be Lu Heting’s colleague.
Acting in front of Mr.
Lu was really a test of his acting skills.

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Lin Yu looked at Lu Hang in surprise.
He and Lu Heting were just colleagues? Was there something wrong with the hotpot he ate, or was there something wrong with the way he entered?

“Please help me contact the media and tell them that Su Bei has something to clarify.
It’ll be held tomorrow when Su Bei is discharged.” Lu Heting tried his best to speak to Lu Hang in a gentle voice.

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Lu Hang started to panic when he heard that.
He was indeed only qualified to be an assistant.
When he heard Mr.
Lu give out orders coldly, he would still be in a good mood.
When he heard Mr.
Lu speak to him so politely, Lu Hang felt really uncomfortable.

Lu Hang wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes.
He was indeed destined to just be an assistant!

“I’ll send some information and contact details to your WeChat later.
Sorry to trouble you,” Lu Heting added.

Lu Hang quickly nodded.
I’ll do my best to help.”

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