Chapter 702: Arouse Widespread Sympathy

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The assistant shouted, “Quiet! Sister Yourong can answer your questions, but everything must be done in an orderly manner.”

In order to interview Fang Yourong, the reporters stopped crowding and making noise.

Fang Yourong had a mask on her face.
She gently lifted it in front of the reporters.

All at once, the reporters could see the swelling on her face.
Her originally delicate face had lost its smooth lines.

“What happened? Did Su Bei slap your face?”

“Fang Yourong, can you explain to us?”

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Fang Yourong spoke with a bit of sadness.
Everyone quickly stopped and listened to her.

Only then did Fang Yourong say, “Thank you for your concern.
I want to clarify some things here.
I was admitted to the hospital because of my scene with Su Bei, but in reality, the situation isn’t as serious as everyone thinks, so I hope that nobody will scold Su Bei anymore.
We’re filming, so it’s inevitable for there to be some bumps.

“Please don’t scold Dr.
Hu either.
It’s inevitable for people to make mistakes in their work.
When I came over, the pain was unbearable, which led to him making the wrong judgment.
It’s not anyone’s fault.”

The reporters listened quietly and couldn’t help but secretly nod their heads.
Fang Yourong’s magnanimity really made them admire her.
She was clearly the one who was suffering, but she was also being generous to the others.
She was even so tolerant toward Su Bei and Doctor Hu.

In reality, however, were Fang Yourong’s words really magnanimous? She was saying everything was Su Bei and Dr.
Hu’s mistake.
Meanwhile, she was innocent.

“The reason why I’m staying in the hospital is that I’m suffering from an allergic reaction on my face.
And the cause of the allergy is that someone sent me catkins.
The reporters who are familiar with me know that I’m allergic to catkins.

“Therefore, I’m not staying in the hospital to gain sympathy.
It’s just that I had no choice as the allergic reaction affects my face.
Everyone, take a look at this package that was sent to me.
I wonder who did this to me on purpose?

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“I didn’t announce my allergies to everyone because I didn’t want them to think too much about it.
I also didn’t want people who cared about me to worry.

“Today, I saw that everyone had all kinds of doubts, so I’m stepping forward to clarify.
I don’t want everyone to have doubts about me.

“I hereby ask fans and anti-fans to not do things that hurt others.

The reporters sympathized with Fang Yourong when they heard that she was suffering from an allergic reaction.

They took the package and started filming it.

Fang Yourong knew that with the reporters’ sharp eyes, they would soon discover the problem with the package.

It was a matter of minutes before they would realize the package pointed to Su Bei.

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Did Su Bei think that she would be able to escape from the fight and everything else?

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Following Fang Yourong’s pretentious act, the news aroused widespread sympathy.

The matter was already very widely discussed, and now that her interview was released, it attracted even more attention from the public.
Everyone expressed that they hoped she could be discharged from the hospital earlier.

The investors and production team of Two Phoenixes would no longer ask for compensation or even replace her just because she needed to rest for a few days.
They could only publicly declare that they would wait for Fang Yourong to recover and return.

With these few moves, Fang Yourong could be said to have handled everything perfectly.

The internet was also filled with doubts and dissatisfaction toward Su Bei.

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