Chapter 676: Sharp Eyes

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When Ni Huang was only 12 years old, she followed her uncle into battle.
At the age of 16, she took control of the army and became the youngest heroine in the history of various empires.

Therefore, Su Bei changed into military attire.
Her hair was combed high and she looked very capable.

This was also an important reason why the cast and crew did not trust Su Bei.
Su Bei’s skin was fair and there was no doubt that she was beautiful.
However, the more beautiful she was, the harder it would be for her to take on this role.

Moreover, there was a huge reversal in her background and story.
It would be very difficult to manage her emotions.
If she wanted to be outstanding, she had to have superb acting skills.

In everyone’s eyes, Su Bei was clearly not suited for this character.

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The entire cast and crew were quietly discussing this.
They had no expectations for Su Bei.

When Su Bei came out after changing her clothes, she stood in front of everyone.
One of the director’s assistants accidentally saw Su Bei’s makeup and couldn’t help but stand up.
His eyes didn’t move an inch.

Su Bei’s appearance was exactly as he had imagined.

“Quick, look…” He turned to the person beside him.

Immediately, someone looked over at Su Bei and couldn’t look away.

Su Bei, who was standing in front of everyone, no longer had the beautiful and fashionable feeling from before.
With a change of her makeup style, she gave off the feeling that she had just come from the battlefield.
She carried a fierce and decisive killing intent, looking noble and proud.
The firmness in her eyes was something that only experienced warriors would have.

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Everyone looked up, completely convinced by Su Bei’s appearance.

When they were discussing the script, they had even drawn images of the characters.
Even Fang Yourong, who was unanimously acknowledged by everyone, was still slightly different from what they had imagined her character to be.

However, Su Bei was like those hand-drawn images that came to life.
She was standing in front of them at this very moment.

The assistant director, who was in charge of the camera work, thought to himself, ‘Maybe I can give Su Bei more shots.
At least she looks qualified.
When she says her lines, I’ll reduce her scenes.’

Director Guo Feng clapped his hands.
“Just as I thought! Good, good, good!”

“Then can I begin?” Su Bei asked with a smile.
When she spoke, her expression was pretty and beautiful.
It wasn’t like a heroine, but it suited her status as a princess.
Once she returned to the harem, she was the proud and favored princess!

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“Begin!” Director Guo Feng got someone to bring her to prepare.

After Su Bei left, the members of the crew came back to their senses.
“Director Guo Feng’s eyes are really sharp!”

“Of course, Director Guo Feng is Director Guo Feng, while we’re assistants!” Everyone admitted it.

Su Bei’s character did not appear much in the early scenes.

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Her first scene was when she returned from the battlefield and met up with the people from the Imperial Court.
She didn’t have many lines.
Their characters just gave way to each other and entered the city together.

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Therefore, even though her appearance shocked the entire crew, she didn’t get to perform much during the shoot.
To the actors who came to watch, she was just a pretty face.

“That’s because of the stylist and makeup artist.
What does it have to do with her?”

“Isn’t she just standing there and taking a few steps? If it were any of us, would we do worse than her?”

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