Chapter 666: Such Arrogance

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The four fashion shows began as scheduled.

As a model who had obtained all the qualifications to go on stage, Su Bei’s schedule was very tight.

This time, only Yue Ze and Xiao Bai were with her.

Hao Jiali’s only chance to appear on stage was naturally revoked as well.
After Sheng Tang Entertainment terminated her contract, she didn’t have another company to join.
Her reputation was ruined because of her relationship with Zhao Xingtian.
Many people were waiting to take over her position at the Milan show.
Once they found out about her scandal, the show naturally replaced her.

Without Tang Yue’s support, she could not keep that position.

Other than the models who were going on stage, there were also many foreign film stars.

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Some of them were invited by the brand, while others had used all sorts of methods to come and watch.

Watching a fashion show of this scale was a symbol of one’s status.
It was a sign that one was valued in the fashion industry, so many people would try to attend no matter how hard it was to fight for a place.

Even some internet celebrities and businessmen would pay to go to the show and pose for photos on the red carpet to create the impression that they were very popular.
However, in reality, they couldn’t get tickets and could only take photos on the red carpet and at the entrance of the show.

In any case, if one could have their photos taken at the venue, one could make themselves look good.
So why not?

As for models like Su Bei who would be appearing on stage, a photography team was specially arranged to follow the models and take photos.
There was no need for the models to fight with those people at the venue.

Before going on stage that night, Su Bei and the photography team were filming on the streets outside Milan’s show.

“The scenery up ahead is not bad.
Let’s go there!” Xiao Bai said to Su Bei.

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I’ll talk to the photographer.”

When Xiao Bai saw a group of people in front, she immediately said, “I’ll go over there and ask about the situation.”

Xiao Bai squeezed her way forward and realized that most of them were from S Country.
They were taking photos of an actress.

“Oh, it’s Jia Shiyun.” Xiao Bai recognized the actress.
She was very famous and was probably invited to watch the show.

She asked Jia Shiyun’s assistant about it.

The assistant said arrogantly, “Our Sister Yun wants to stay here for a while longer.
You don’t have to keep waiting.
I don’t know when this will end.”

“But our Su Bei is going on stage soon.
We haven’t taken photos here yet.
Can you give us some space?” Xiao Bai asked.

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The assistant snorted.
“Su Bei? That Su Bei who has a good relationship with Mr.

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“I’m Su Bei’s assistant,” Xiao Bai said, “No matter who Su Bei is familiar with, everyone is here for work.
You should make an exception.”

“I can’t help you.
Our Sister Yun was personally trained by Lu Corporation.
She’s the best actress in the entire Di Xing Media Company.
Without her permission, no one can come here to take photos.”

Xiao Bai had no choice but to go back and tell Su Bei.

“Forget it, let’s just shoot here,” Su Bei said.
She did not want to get into trouble overseas.

Xiao Bai could only say, “Then I’ll help you find somewhere with a better view so that you can take more photos.
I didn’t expect that Jia Shiyun, who usually acts so generous and emotional, is actually so arrogant..
She doesn’t have any tolerance at all.”

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