Chapter 662: Too Late

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Su Huixian thought angrily, ‘It can be seen that it’s useful for a sl*t to hook up with more men.
There will always be one who can be used at critical moments.
However, people like me who care about our dignity can’t go around acting like her.’

Old Master Tang patted the back of Su Bei’s hand.
He doted this little granddaughter even more.
His love for her was beyond words.

Everyone secretly nodded their heads.
Su Bei was indeed worthy of being the little princess of the Tang family.
It was no wonder that Old Master Tang doted on her so much.

Tang Yue’s expression was a little ugly.
She had put in so much effort just to benefit Su Bei and let her enjoy the glory!

Old Master Tang said to Qin Yue, “Sir, today is my birthday banquet.
Why don’t you stay and celebrate with everyone?”

“Thank you for your kindness, Old Master.
However, I still have some matters to attend to, so I can’t stay any longer.
Please forgive me for taking my leave first,” Qin Yue spoke gently, but it suited his status very well.

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Old Master Tang understood that people like Qin Yue didn’t like being pestered by the mundane world, so it was natural that he didn’t want to stay.

He smiled and said, “Then I’ll send you off.

Then, he walked out with Qin Yue.

Qin Yue lightly nodded at Su Bei before walking out, leaving everyone with a clear view of his back.

Everyone only felt that Qin Yue came and went without a single ripple, just like a cool breeze blowing across their faces.
They could feel his existence, and by the time they reacted, he was already far away.
He was truly an otherworldly man.
There seemed to be a natural barrier between him and everyone else.

After Qin Yue left, Old Master Tang returned with a smile.
“It’s my birthday today.
The banquet will begin now.
Please enjoy yourselves.”

The butler, servants, and waiters who came to help at the last minute invited everyone to take their seats.

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In the crowd, a few young men had their eyes on Su Bei.

She was good-looking to begin with, and after what happened just now, it was even more obvious that she had hidden talents.
This was enough to convince many people.

Even Du Luo did not look away from Su Bei for a long time.
He remembered that Su Bei had practiced calligraphy before, but because he was not interested, he never asked much.

Now, it seemed like it was too late…

The young man sitting next to Du Luo was Du Jinghao, Du Luo’s cousin and Du Guoshou’s son.

This time, Du Guoshou had brought his family back.
Compared to Du Luo, the son he brought back was more elegant, good-looking, and had a closer relationship with the Tang family.

All night, his gaze never left Su Bei.

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At this moment, he stood up, picked up a glass of red wine, and walked toward Old Master Tang’s table.

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At this moment, Old Master Tang was surrounded by a few of his grandchildren.

Du Jinghao stepped forward and said respectfully, “Grandpa Tang, I wish you a long life.”

“It’s Jinghao!” Old Master Tang smiled.
“Thank you.
I’ll drink this glass of wine.
Remember to invite me to your wedding next time!”

Du Guoshou stood up and said with a smile, “Old Master, you must be joking.
My son has always been busy with work and is not in a relationship now.
How could there be a wedding banquet? I was just thinking of having you introduce someone to him.”

“Ah, look at my memory.
I’m really old..
I remembered it wrongly.
I didn’t expect Jinghao to not be in a relationship yet…”

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