Chapter 660: I Wrote It Because Of You

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The birthday celebration was even more heartwarming.
Old Master Tang smiled even wider.

Qin Yue’s brush was filled with thick ink, and on the paper, it was like a dragon soaring into the sky or a phoenix dancing in the air.
As it moved, it left behind a few lines of elegantly written birthday wishes.

After he finished writing, he signed his name and took out the seal.
He stamped it in one go.
It was dazzling and pleasing to the eye.
Everyone felt that time passed too quickly.
After a few hurried glances, Qin Yue had finished writing the wishes.
They wished Qin Yue could write more.

After Qin Yue finished writing, he picked up the paper and handed it to Su Bei.

Qin, you’re an honored guest invited by my sister.
Please pass this piece of calligraphy to my sister and let her give it to my grandfather!” Su Bei did not want to receive a merit for nothing, so he kindly reminded him.

Tang Yue hurriedly reached out to receive the calligraphy piece and prepared to personally deliver it to her grandfather to wish him a happy birthday!

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Qin Yue was slightly stunned.
Then, he said, “I wrote it because of you.”

How could he hand it to Tang Yue?

Everyone was stunned.

Everyone looked at Qin Yue in surprise, then at Tang Yue.
From the moment Qin Yue was invited in, everyone knew that he was invited by Tang Yue to celebrate Old Master Tang’s birthday.
Naturally, he was here because of Tang Yue.

However, from the way he spoke, it seemed that he wrote the birthday wishes because of Su Bei?

Displeased, Tang Yue reminded him solemnly, “Mr.
Qin, I invited you here, so leave this to me.”

Qin Yue didn’t move.

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Su Bei nodded at him, indicating that he could hand it to Tang Yue.

Su Bei did not want to be too kind to Tang Yue, but she did not want to embarrass Old Master Tang in this situation.

Only when he saw Su Bei’s gaze did Qin Yue turn around and hand the paper to Tang Yue.

Everyone could see that he was completely indifferent to Tang Yue’s request, but for Su Bei, he would do anything.

Many people whispered, “I didn’t expect Qin Yue to come for Su Bei.”

“That’s right.
I really thought that Tang Yue was the one who invited him.
So that’s how it is.”

“I really didn’t expect this.
Su Bei is really impressive.”

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Upon hearing these words, Tang Yue could only pretend that she did not hear them.
She passed the calligraphy piece in her hand to Grandfather Tang and said, “Grandfather, I wish you happiness and joy.
This piece of calligraphy written by Mr.
Qin is for you.”

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“Good, very good!” Old Master Tang twirled his beard and reached out to take it.
“We need to frame this up properly and hang it in the main hall to be admired every day.”

Seeing that Su Bei had stolen her limelight, Tang Yue said, “Didn’t you say that you want to hang the one Su Bei got for you? Why don’t you hang Mr.
Qin’s piece in the study? The study is more suitable for Mr.
Qin’s bright and clear style.”

She deliberately reminded Old Master Tang that the calligraphy Su Bei gave him was worlds apart from the one she gave him.

Old Master Tang smiled and said, “That’s good, that’s good too.
I like the things you and Su Bei gave me.
I also like Xinru and Guan Yu’s gifts.”

Tang Guanyu was Tang Xinru’s elder brother and Su Bei’s cousin.

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“These two calligraphy pieces are pretty good.” Someone praised.
“Old Master Tang, you’re really lucky.”

“With granddaughters and a grandson like them, what more can I ask for?”

Old Master Tang laughed, “Both calligraphy pieces are good..
I’ll keep them well and hang them.”

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