Chapter 653: Disgusting!

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Tang Yue, on the other hand, went up to hug Su Bei.
“My sister is back! Welcome back! Dad and Mom have been looking forward to this day.
You’re finally back.”

“Quick, take a seat.” Lin Shulian quickly said to Su Bei, “Su Bei, do you want some fruit? Tea or coffee?”

“Tea will do, thank you,” Su Bei said politely.

“Here, here.
This is fruit tea.
Try it and see how it tastes.” Lin Shulian was very eager.

The couple in front of her looked to be in their 50s.
They had taken good care of themselves and were considered to look quite young among people their age.

One could see Tang Yue’s shadow on Lin Shulian’s face.
It had to be said that the Tang family members were all good-looking, and their looks were generally better than those of the Su family.

However, Su Bei was a little embarrassed when she suddenly saw the middle-aged couple who were her parents.
She could not bring herself to call them her parents.

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Su Bei held a cup of tea.
Although she was usually cheerful, she turned shy in front of this family.

Lin Shulian looked at her daughter gently.

The members of the Tang family were all pretty good-looking, and Su Bei’s looks were even better.
Her appearance and height were outstanding, and she looked exquisite and pleasant to the eyes.

“Su Bei, don’t worry.
In a while, accompany Grandfather out and meet the rest of our family, okay?” Lin Shulian gently said.

“Okay, thank you.” Su Bei gently nodded.

“Oh right, this is the red packet I’ve prepared for you.” Lin Shulian stuffed a thick red packet into Su Bei’s hands.

Without waiting for her to reject, Tang Jianming, Grandpa Tang, and Tang Xinru all gave her one.

Even Tang Yue could not help but give her a red packet.

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“You’re not allowed to refuse.
This is our family’s custom.” Tang Xinru smiled and held her hand.
“You’re the youngest child in the family.
You should take them.”

Su Bei couldn’t refuse, so she accepted them all and put them in her purse.

Old Master Tang chuckled.
“Let’s go, Su Bei.
Let’s go down together.
Come with me.”

Su Bei went forward and held Old Master Tang’s arm as she followed him.

When Old Master Tang appeared at the staircase, everyone turned to look at him.

No one expected Su Bei to appear with him and even hold his arm.

For a moment, no one thought that she was his granddaughter.

They all found it very strange.
What was going on?

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Su Huixian couldn’t help but say in surprise, “Du Luo, look at Su Bei.
How does she have the galls to do such a thing?”

Du Luo also saw this scene.
Why were Su Bei and Old Master Tang appearing together?

“Don’t talk nonsense.
Things that haven’t been confirmed are just rumors.” Du Luo subconsciously defended Su Bei.

Su Huixian knew that she had misspoken, so she kept quiet.

After arriving downstairs, Tang Xinru and Su Bei walked to the side and sat down.

Tang Yue and Old Master Tang stood in the middle of the living room.

Su Huixian could not help but feel disdain in her heart.
She thought about how Su Bei had gotten to join Sheng Tang Entertainment.
She did not expect her to use such a method! How despicable!

Looking at Su Bei, she really didn’t know any shame.
How could she sit with Tang Xinru so casually? Did she really think that she was the master of the Tang family?

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If such a thing was exposed, Su Bei’s reputation would definitely be ruined!

Old Master Tang stood in the middle and spoke.

The crowd quietened down and looked at the old man.

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