Chapter 638: Just Choose

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Liao Xintong did not ask further and just brought Su Huixian into the shop.

The shop assistant in charge was dressed in a long robe.
He was different from the other staff in the shop who were dressed in modern clothes.
Everything in the shop looked ancient and had a strong style.

In order to curry favor with Old Master Lu, Liao Xintong was also a regular here.
Hence, the shop assistants followed by her side and introduced items to her with all their hearts.

Although Liao Xintong didn’t dare to mention her relationship with Lu Heting and Gun Gun, it was a fact that she had once entered this shop with Old Master Lu.

Everyone was very cautious around her.

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The shop assistant in charge was especially enthusiastic today.
He smiled and said, “Hey, Miss Liao, you’re here? Hurry up and serve them tea.
Please take a seat inside!”

Su Huixian had brought Qiu Minxuan and Zhong Xiu along, while Liao Xintong came with a friend as well.
However, they were only following behind.

But everyone was warmly received.

The shop assistant in charge smiled and said, “I don’t know what brought you here today, but it brings light to our humble shop.”

With that said, he personally took a cup of hot tea from the other shop assistant and offered it to Su Huixian and Liao Xintong.
“Please enjoy the tea first.
There’s no rush.
Take your time.”

The other shop assistants served hot tea to Qiu Minxuan and the others.

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Liao Xintong’s vanity was greatly satisfied.
As she drank tea with Su Huixian, she briefly introduced the shop to her.
She sounded very familiar with this place.

The two of them drank their tea elegantly and calmly.
It seemed like they were here to drink tea and not to see calligraphy works.

“This friend of mine wishes to present a piece of calligraphy to an elder to celebrate his birthday.
I wonder if there’s anything you would recommend.” Liao Xintong drank for a while before putting down her teacup and asking slowly.

“You asked the right person.
Miss Liao comes here often and knows that we have good stuff here.
Whether it’s ancient or modern, real or a master’s special copy, we have everything.
As long as you ask, we can guarantee that everything will be delivered to you.
You just have to choose.”

Liao Xintong smiled and said, “There aren’t many real antiques from ancient times.
The real antiques are either in museums or have been collected by experts.
Let’s take a look at modern masterpieces.”

“Miss Liao is a real expert.
Those authentic works are indeed scarce.
However, modern works from masters are still around.
Take the master Qiu Wan who held a calligraphy exhibition in Singapore, for example.
He’s really the most famous master now.
Not only is his handwriting good, but his works are also auctioned at a sky-high price of tens of millions.
He’s truly recognized.

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“Her recent works cost hundreds of thousands.

“There are also works of a few young masters in our store.
Since Miss Liao is here, we’ll definitely recommend those that are most worth buying.
The discount will also be calculated according to the highest level of VIP membership in our shop.”

Liao Xintong felt comfortable after being complimented.
She wanted to enjoy this moment.

Su Huixian took a few more glances at Liao Xintong.
The Liao family was just an ordinary wealthy family that had only been around for a few years.
However, from the way Liao Xintong came and went and the treatment she received, she seemed to be from an established wealthy family.

It wasn’t appropriate for her to ask Liao Xintong about it..
She was just guessing, but it was obvious that Liao Xintong didn’t have a sugar daddy.

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