Chapter 633: Overthinking

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Lu Hang tiptoed over and looked at Lu Weijian who was crying with joy.
He was confused.

“Hahaha, Lu Hang, you have no idea.
My brother gave me that car, the limited edition Maybach that was in the movie ‘Rapid Passion’! There are only three of this model in the world! My brother gave me his, hahahaha!”

Lu Hang reminded him, “But aren’t you here to resolve the relationship between Mr.
Lu and Young Madam?”

“What relationship problems do they have? They’re all lovey-dovey with each other.
They might even be in the car…” Lu Weijian quickly covered his mouth.
“Hahaha, I mean my brother gave me this car to reward my loyalty to Sister-in-law.

He had only said a few words for his sister-in-law, yet his brother was already so generous.
If he were to sacrifice his life for his sister-in-law, wouldn’t his brother have to pay with his life?

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Lu Hang was stunned as well.
Did he have a screw loose in his head? Indeed, reading romance novels with Mr.
Weijian could easily trigger one’s imagination.

Lu Heting went to the address Su Bei gave him.
After parking the car, he walked into the hospital.

Su Bei ran toward him.

There was a young man behind her.
When he saw Lu Heting, he was shocked by his aura and stopped in his tracks.

However, seeing that Su Bei was still walking forward, he continued to follow.
He was timid but firm.

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Su Bei ran in front of Lu Heting and said embarrassedly, “Hubby, this is Feng Cheng.
I originally said that I would have him be discharged from the hospital in two days, but he insisted on leaving with me.
I had no choice.”

Just now, she had chatted with Feng Cheng for a while and learned his name.
She also learned that he was not only interested in carving and jewelry but he was also very talented in the craft.
However, because of his speech disorder and some other problems, he was tricked by his friend, so he became a tramp.

Lu Heting didn’t mind as long as this person didn’t hurt Su Bei.

Su Bei said to him, “Let’s get in the car and we’ll take you to a place to rest.”

Feng Cheng followed Lu Heting’s car and returned to the neighborhood they lived in.

The property management had already reserved a suitable two-bedroom apartment for Su Bei, which was very suitable for Feng Cheng.

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Moreover, it had already been furnished.
Even the fridge was filled with food.
Feng Cheng could just move in with his luggage.

Of course, he did not have any luggage.
He came alone with empty hands.

However, the property manager immediately said, “There are clothes in the closets too.
They are all brand new and very suitable for this gentleman.”

It was all because he had received instructions from the higher-ups to make arrangements as soon as possible.
It could be said that as long as the higher-ups made the arrangements, he would stay and perform any service according to Feng Cheng’s request.

Su Bei was very satisfied with the service.

“You can stay here in the future,” Su Bei said and left some money and a phone for him.
“We’ll talk about it after you recuperate for a few more days.
The doctor said that you mustn’t let your wounds touch water for the time being.
It’s not suitable for you to work or move around during this period.”

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Feng Cheng knew that Su Bei was leaving, and his eyes immediately showed reluctance.

But when he saw Lu Heting standing beside her, he understood that although Su Bei had saved him, she could not always take care of him.

He had to pull himself together.

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