Chapter 613: What A Piece Of Trash

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After Su Bei returned, Beauty Magazine posted her cover photo online.

The series of photos received a lot of praise, causing many people to shout that their hard drive was insufficient and there was no way for them to save the photos.

Jian Ping did not expect Su Bei’s filming to go so smoothly.

Tang Yue didn’t do anything, and Huang Zhixian didn’t do anything either?

She immediately called Huang Zhixian, but when he saw her number, he immediately blocked it and didn’t dare to pick up her call.

Huang Zhixian felt that his job was more important than a distant cousin who did not have much interaction with him.
She was only concerned about money.

If his reputation in the industry was ruined, Jian Ping would not be able to survive.

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He was not afraid of Old Master Tang, who made things difficult for him on the spot.
Instead, he was afraid of the leader of Lu Corporation who had arranged for his bodyguards to pass the message!

His bad behavior had already attracted the attention of such a big shot, so how could he dare to continue being arrogant?

If he didn’t behave himself now and offended Lu Corporation, it wouldn’t be a small matter.

“Why didn’t you answer my call?” Jian Ping was furious.
“You took my money but didn’t do anything?”

Before long, she received a sum of money in her bank account.
It was the sum she had given Huang Zhixian previously.

In other words, Huang Zhixian had returned the money to her.

“What a piece of trash!” Jian Ping said angrily.

She had been working in Sheng Tang for so long, but this was the first time nothing was working out for her.
Hao Jiali was about to rise to a higher level but before that could happen, she was suppressed by Su Bei.

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Hao Jiali said in a low voice, “Sister Ping, our contract is about to expire.
Why don’t we…”

These words were exactly what Jian Ping wanted to her.
She had chosen to work with Tang Yue, but Tang Yue was not doing anything to make things difficult for Su Bei.
At this point in time, she could no longer turn around and pledge her loyalty to Tang Xinru.
The only way was to find another high branch.

Lu Corporation.

A package was delivered to the top floor of the company.
The recipient’s name was Lu Hang.

There were about 20 senior assistants in the assistant’s office, all of whom were working with Lu Hang.
Naturally, they were all working for Lu Heting.

It was just that Lu Hang was the only person who frequently appeared beside Lu Heting.

A junior assistant ran over and shouted, “Assistant Lu, here’s your package.
Do you want me to bring it over for you, or do you want me to help you put it away first?”

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“Let’s open it and share.” Lu Hang remembered that his mother had called him a few days ago and said that she had sent him a bunch of food.
She told him to save it for when he was hungry so that he would not starve.
Therefore, his tone when he spoke was rather nonchalant.

He was already so old, yet his mother still treated him like a child.

Moreover, there were all sorts of snacks in the pantry of Lu Corporation.
No one had the chance to starve themselves.

Hence, he would usually share the food that his mother sent him with everyone.

Lu Hang laughed.

However, just as the corners of his lips were raised, he suddenly remembered that Mr.
Lu had asked him to help collect a package.
It was under his name…

Lu Hang was shocked and ran toward the assistant’s office.
“Don’t open it, don’t open it! This belongs to Mr.

When the assistant with the utility knife heard this, she was so frightened that he hurriedly put down the knife.
“I… I’ve already made a cut…”

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She was too fast with her actions..
When she heard Lu Hang’s words, it was already too late.

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