Chapter 600: Already Immune

After Su Bei won the Top Ten Model Awards in Country S, coupled with the many endorsement deals she had recently announced, her work schedule was extremely packed.

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Following that, Stars’ Top 10 Supermodel Rankings Of The Year was released.

Stars’ Top 10 Supermodel Rankings Of The Year did not go through a public selection process nor did the fans have to vote.
It was a professional organization.
The comprehensive evaluation was based on the number of endorsement deals, quality of endorsement deals, runway appearances, influence, and so on.
This ranking never gave out awards but only released a list every year.

Even so, this was a very prestigious ranking.
Every year, the top ten on the rankings were recognized by everyone as the world’s top ten supermodels.

Stars’ supermodel ranking was the most highly-regarded in the entire world.
Not to mention the top ten but being able to enter the top 100 was already an amazing feat.
For oriental models, being able to enter the top 100 was already a great honor.

For ordinary supermodels, the rise and fall of the top 100 in Stars’ ranking was also crucial.
It reflected the work situation of this supermodel during this year.

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However, after the rankings were released, everyone discovered that Su Bei’s name had steadily landed in seventh place.

In other words, Su Bei had entered the top ten.
She was the only supermodel in S Country and the only Asian supermodel in the top ten!

The credibility of Stars’ supermodel ranking was irrefutable!

Su Bei suddenly became the most promising and valuable supermodel in S Country.

Everyone quickly reviewed her achievements in the past year and realized that she had done many things in the East and also West.
Abroad, she was the ambassador for Dream Jewelry and walked a fashion show that was recognized to be on the pinnacle of the industry.
In the country, she was on the cover of ‘Vogue’, won the title of ‘Vogue Goddess’, and walked a show for YS wristwatch.

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Tang Xinru called.
“Su Bei, congratulations! Even if Tang Yue still wants to publicly acknowledge you as part of the Tang family, it’ll be useless.
With Stars’ ranking acknowledging you, no one will dare to doubt your ability.”

Yue Ze and Lv Shan also called.

The petty tricks that Tang Yue had in mind were also abruptly halted.

However, the Tang family did not appear or come to look for her in private… Su Bei held her phone and fell into deep thought.

“What are you thinking about?” Lu Heting sat down beside her.

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“The Tang family didn’t come looking for me.
Although I didn’t expect much, I feel like there’s more to this than meets the eye.”

Lu Heting only knew that the elders of the Tang family were secretly testing Su Bei’s character.
He despised such methods but was unwilling to hurt Su Bei by telling her the truth.

He comforted her in a soft voice, saying, “Maybe it’s because the Tang family is a big family with many people, so we’ll have to wait for a while.”

“That’s true.
Forget it, I won’t dwell on it.
I haven’t even checked the Tang family’s information.
It doesn’t matter if they want to look for me or they don’t want to.” After all, she had been hurt by people whom she called her family before, so she was already immune to it.

She didn’t yearn for her biological parents.
Therefore, she neither paid attention to the Tang family nor searched for their background.

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