Chapter 595: Su Bei Is Too Famous

The moment she received the trophy and card, she looked at the corner where Lu Heting was.
She kissed the card, leaving a lipstick mark on it.
She believed that he would understand.

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Lu Heting saw the woman standing on the stage like a shining star.
He only had eyes for her.

When he saw her action, he could not help but cough lightly.
His Adam’s apple moved as he reached out to gently tug at his bow tie.

The bow tie was made from the same fabric as Su Bei’s dress, which made his eyes darken.

Su Bei waved in that direction.
As Tang Xinru and Yue Ze were sitting in that direction as well, nobody suspected a thing.
They all thought she was waving to the people in her company.
Immediately, a camera shifted to Sheng Tang’s people.

Although Hao Jiali was wondering what Tang Yue would do to Su Bei, she still smiled when the camera turned to her.

She was very depressed that she was not selected as one of the top ten models, but she could not show it.

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Su Huixian clenched her fists tightly.

Su Bei waved her hand.
She wore a small ring on her pinky finger.
It was very shiny and immediately attracted many people’s attention.

Naturally, Lu Heting saw it too.
He reached out and gently turned his own ring.
If not for the fact that he was afraid of causing trouble for her, he really wanted her to wear her wedding ring on stage when receiving the award.

However, he was already satisfied with the pinky ring and bow tie.

The emcee walked in front of Su Bei and said with a smile, “Su Bei, do you know that your fans were a big contributing factor to your selection in this Top Ten Model Awards? The rankings are jointly chosen by the fans and judges.
You came in first place in the fans’ vote.
Do you have anything to say to them?”

“Thank you.
I’ll continue to work hard,” Su Bei said simply and sincerely while revealing a smile.

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Moved by her smile, the audience burst into applause.

The fans watching the live broadcast also cheered for her.
Su Bei was really too good-looking.
If she didn’t become famous, it would be unforgivable.

The emcee smiled and said, “We have a segment tonight.
We’ll choose someone among the fans who voted for you and they’ll get your card.
You’ll do the honors for this segment.”

Su Bei did not think that there would be such a segment.
She looked at the card in her hand and could not help but reveal an innocent smile.
Her lipstick mark was on it.
She wanted to give this card to her husband.

Because of her smile, everyone laughed kindly.
As they had seen her kiss the card, they found it even more interesting.

Especially her fans, who acted like they were celebrating New Year’s.
“Is this really happening! Lady Luck, please give me your power!”

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“I want the card from the goddess!”

“No, I want to become the card in her hand and accept her kiss.”

“Wow, it’s not in vain that I had many of my friends and family vote for Su Bei.
My chances are much higher.
Hahahaha, I’m impressed with my own wit!”

In the past, there was indeed no such segment during the Top Ten Model Awards.

However, this year, the organizers had seen Su Bei’s influence on the internet and the number of fans she had.
Her influence made this segment possible.

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