She was not familiar with the rest of the Tang family and only had a deep impression of this cousin of hers.

“That’s right.”

“Lu Heting, where did you get the information? Is it accurate?” Su Bei could not believe that she was related to the higher-ups in the company.

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Lu Heting didn’t have the heart to say that the Tang family already knew about it but had no intention of acknowledging her.
He said calmly, “After the news that you’re not a member of the Su family was exposed, I did a lot of research.
The Tang family lost a little girl back then and her age matches yours.
Also, the photos of you and the little girl from the Tang family are almost identical.”

Su Bei felt that it was unreal, but since it was Lu Heting who got the information, she naturally knew that she could believe him.
His investigations were always accurate.

However, she did not feel much joy in her heart.
It was completely different from the anxiousness she felt when she was looking for answers back then.

“Does the Tang family… know?” Su Bei softly asked.

“I’m not sure.” If Lu Heting said that the family’s elders were testing her character, she would be hurt.

He had finally helped her find her family.
At the very least, he didn’t want to ruin her ideas of what being a family meant.

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For a moment, Su Bei fell into silence.
She didn’t think too much about it.
She was recalling the things that had happened in the Su family and the orphanage when she was young.

Feng Ze, Feng Feifei, Lin Yu, Gu Xifeng and Hua Cuo in the orphanage.
She did not miss out on much.
Her adopted mother from the Su family, Chen Xiuzhu, had also accompanied her for a short period of time.

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