Chapter 550: Need A Hug More

However, this did not stop everyone from poking into Su Bei’s privacy.

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Everyone was looking into everything that happened to her over the years.

However, her life in America went undiscovered.
Lu Heting now understood that Feng Ze must have deliberately hidden the information about her life in America during those five years.
It was because even when he tried searching, he only got limited information.

Everyone was searching for news about Su Bei but they only found some information about her work.
As for her personal affairs such as her relationship with Lu Heting, Da Bao, and Gun Gun, they were all tightly protected by Lu Heting.

No one could bring trouble to Da Bao and Gun Gun, the two munchkins whom Su Bei cared about.

Du Changwei and Sun Jingping felt that this move by the Su family was unbelievable.

Du Changwei said, “Could it be that we’ve really wronged Huixian? She isn’t the daughter of a mistress?”

“Whether she’s the daughter of a mistress is no longer important to me now.
The most important thing is that she faked her pregnancy to deceive Du Luo…” Sun Jingping was really disgusted by this matter.

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However, since they were already engaged and Du Luo was loyal to Su Huixian, as his mother, she really could not do anything to stop him.

Du Changwei also recalled the incident at that time.
“At the end of the day, this matter only shows that she loves Du Luo.
If her mother really isn’t a mistress, she should clarify it as soon as possible.
I have no objections to this marriage as long as Su Huixian doesn’t bring shame to the Du family and Du Luo.”

Sun Jingping could only think of things this way.

Problems kept arising on Su Bei’s side, which made Jian Ping and Hao Jiali very happy.

When Su Bei saw her mother, Chen Xiuzhu, being slandered on the internet, a cold glint flashed across her usually calm eyes.

She did not expect that Su Huixian and Xu Zhiqin would use such a method to slander her and her mother, implicating her family in the dirty struggles of the entertainment industry.

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She could forget about the attacks directed at her but these people were not targeting those who had already passed away.

Bring it on, then.
Su Bei had never feared cruel means.

It did not matter as long as the other party could afford the consequences.

As if knowing Su Bei’s current mood, Lu Heting called.
“Bei Bei, I’ve found what you want.”

“Can you help me get it?” Su Bei asked.

“I’m already doing it.” Lu Heting could hear the heaviness in the woman’s voice.

Therefore, he had already pushed his work aside and rushed back.
Now, he was on his way.

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At a time like this, she might need a hug more than any evidence that could help her defeat her opponent.

In the evening, Su Bei was prepared to face everything.

She never liked making meaningless clarifications on Weibo.
If she wanted to clarify something, she would do it in person!

Hence, Yue Ze chose the hotel where Su Xingfu and Xu Zhiqin were having their wedding ceremony for Su Bei to clarify things.

When he announced this, it was clear that the netizens who were enjoying the drama were all excited.

[Su Bei is going to clarify these scandals.
I want to see how she’s going to do it!]

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[Is she really innocent? Yue Ze seems very determined.]

[I heard that Sheng Tang’s public relations department has been mobilized.
It seems that Su Bei really has the upper hand.]

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