Chapter 522: Extremely Happy

“Brother Yue, I was just about to look for you.
If I come back to work now, will I still have a place in Sheng Tang?” Su Bei had been thinking about this.
If Tang Xinru and Yue Ze still wanted her, she definitely would not ask to leave Sheng Tang.

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“Of course,” Yue Ze replied without hesitation.
“You can join us anytime you want.”

“It’s a deal, then.
I’ll call you when the time comes,” Su Bei said with a smile.

Yue Ze and Lv Shan left soon after.

When they got downstairs, Lv Shan’s expression returned to normal.
Yue Ze apologized, “I’m sorry.
I made a mistake.”

“Then come with me to eat something.
I haven’t eaten anything since you called me yesterday,” Lv Shan said with a smile.

“Let’s go.
I’m hungry too,” Yue Ze said happily.

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After breakfast, Lu Heting sent the two munchkins to school.
When he got home, he took out all the carbonated drinks and yogurt from the fridge.
He threw them into the trash can.

“Young Master, let me do this.” Aunt Chen, who had already arrived, rushed forward to help.

“Aunt Chen, don’t buy these things for the time being.
Also, don’t buy too many chilies.” Lu Heting was still slowly tidying up the things in an orderly manner.

Su Bei watched from the side as Lu Heting ruthlessly threw the bottle of coke into the trash can.

She would be in a bad mood without her coke.

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Lu Heting handed the garbage bag to Aunt Chen, walked up to Su Bei, and rubbed her hair.
“You can’t eat ice cream for the time being as well.”

“Okay.” Su Bei’s mood plummeted.

“At the very least, you have to wait until you finish the medicine for your stomach ulcer and there are no major problems in your follow-up examination.
Then, you can eat cold food again.” Lu Heting held her head in his arms.
“I’m really scared.
I’m scared that something will happen to you and you’ll leave me.
You can’t make any more mistakes in the future, okay?”

His voice was low and husky.
Even now, he still felt a lingering fear in his heart.

Su Bei could sense his emotions.
Feeling sorry for him, she said, “Then I’ll stop eating those things.
I won’t drink coke anymore.”

It was just a bottle of coke.
Compared to Lu Heting, she would rather have him.

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Hence, she had to take good care of her body in order to love him better.

Lu Heting laughed and whispered, “Really?”

“I mean what I say!” Su Bei believed that she had the willpower to do it.
Besides, there were many more things that made her happier than coke.

Lu Heting patted her head and smiled happily.
He knew that she was thinking about him, so he was so happy.

When Lu Heting went to the company, Lu Hang couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the man smiling at him from afar.

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Rubbing his eyes, Lu Hang finally believed that this smiling man was his boss.

It seemed that the sun had risen from the west today.
To be honest, he had been working for Lu Heting for more than ten years.
He was used to Lu Heting’s cold face and alienation.
Only when the young madam was around did he seem to smile a little, but most of the time, he looked like he had lost a lot of money.
Lu Hang had never seen him smile so brightly like he was now.

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