Chapter 510: Miss You Already

Lu Heting had also taught his son well.
Even when he was so busy with work, he could still share poetic expressions with his son.

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Da Bao’s handsome face appeared on the screen as well.
He said nonchalantly, “Go ahead, Xiao Bei.
I’ll take care of Gun Gun.”

His cold voice was full of concern.

“My Da Bao is the best!” Su Bei kissed the screen.

“Me too! Me too!” Gun Gun tried to show his face to the screen.

“My baby Gun Gun is the best!” Su Bei thought of something and said, “I bought you new toys and they’re in the closet.
Da Bao, bring Gun Gun along to look for them.”

Su Bei had bought those toys in advance and put them in the closet.
She had been afraid that only Lu Heting would be able to go back.
If the two children could not bear the news, then the toys could be used to temporarily console them.

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Since she could go back now, she decided to let them have some fun first.

The next morning, Lu Heting sent Su Bei to the audition venue.

In the venue, the brand’s name, Dream, was displayed in a large font.

Dream was a local brand in the United States.
It had been decades since the company was founded, and their jewelry was popular around the world.

In particular, their diamonds were their bestsellers.

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“I’m going in now.
You don’t have to accompany me.” Su Bei was worried that there would be reporters everywhere, which would put too much pressure on Lu Heting.
Besides, it was really boring to just sit there and wait.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” Indeed, Lu Heting did not like the environment inside.

When he got out of the car, several bold foreign models had already winked at him.
His attention was only on Su Bei, but he could feel their gazes.
It was easy to imagine how bold and enthusiastic these women were.

Su Bei gave him an address and said, “There’s an amusement park over there.
They don’t have many fun things, but there’s a shooting game that’s pretty good.
Also, you can buy a lot of snacks from S Country there.
Just wait for me there.”

Lu Heting couldn’t help laughing at her straightforward arrangement.

“Okay, I’ll go in now.
I’ll call you when I come out.” Su Bei reluctantly entered the venue and kept looking back.

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She didn’t expect that she would become like this when she was in a relationship.
When she was in a relationship with Du Luo, she wasn’t this clingy.
She never felt reluctant to part with him.

However, as soon as she had to separate from Lu Heting, she felt that… she already missed him.

It was not until she disappeared from Lu Heting’s sight that Su Bei strode in with the aura of a supermodel.
In an instant, she changed from an obedient girlfriend to a cold woman.

Many models from S Country had rushed to the audition venue as well.

Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen were discussing in low voices, “I don’t know who the director will choose.
I heard that this director is not strict, but he’s very picky.
He used to work in a jewelry company but he changed his career and became a director.
He specializes in shooting advertisements for luxury brands.
Every time he chooses a model, the standards are different.
No one knows what to expect from him.”

“That’s right.
But isn’t it good that the standards are different each time?” Zhong Xiu looked around and said, “This way, everyone stands a chance.
Otherwise, there won’t be a need for us with so many local supermodels here.”

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Zhu Fenfen nodded.
“We can’t let Huixian down.”

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