Chapter 504: Talk Less If You Don’t Know How To Speak

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Doctor Craig bowed and said, “Miss Su isn’t suffering from gastric cancer.
It’s just a stomach ulcer.
She can just take medicine to treat it.
Please accept our sincere apology.”

Su Bei’s eyes widened.
“In other words, I don’t have gastric cancer.
I don’t have one year left to live.
I won’t die, right?”

“Yes, I’m really sorry…” Doctor Craig said apologetically.

Feng Ze and Lu Heting’s expressions suddenly relaxed.
The dark clouds that shrouded Feng Ze dissipated with the wind, and the darkness in Lu Heting’s eyes brightened.

At the same time, the two men had the urge to slap the doctor.

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However, Su Bei rushed over and hugged him.
“Thank you, Dr.
Craig! Thank you so much!”

Doctor Craig had given the wrong diagnosis.
He was prepared to take the blame from the patients and their families.

However, Su Bei’s reaction was something he did not expect at all.
He was also surprised for a moment.
He felt grateful and guilty for her gratitude.

This was just the kind of woman Su Bei was.
She was used to seeing the good side of things and people.
She always treated others with a bright attitude.

If she was not sick, she could live with Da Bao, Gun Gun, and Lu Heting.
Why would she be bothered by the misdiagnosis?

The person in charge of the department said, “Miss Su, you have a mild gastric condition.
If you choose to seek treatment in our hospital in the future, the hospital will be responsible for your recovery.
Everything will be free of charge.
If you have other illnesses, we’ll also…”

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Lu Heting and Feng Ze glared at the person in charge at the same time.
Other illnesses? Did they want Su Bei to have other illnesses? If they did not know how to talk, they should talk less!

The person in charge of the department was only saying this according to the agreed-upon procedure.
He was so stunned by the two men’s gazes that he immediately shut his mouth.

He hoped that Su Bei would stay healthy for a hundred years and never come to the hospital again.
He really could not stand this pressure.

“Oh, okay.
Thank you.” Su Bei bowed.
Her bright smile was even more beautiful than the winter trees outside.
She thanked whoever she saw.

The person in charge of the department did not dare to say anything else that would provoke the two men.
He chose his words carefully and said, “The hospital will also compensate you for the mental damage you’ve suffered.”

“That’s alright…” Su Bei was in a good mood.

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Hua Cuo said, “At least they know their place.
Otherwise, I’d sue them until they go bankrupt.”

Su Bei ran back and gave Hua Cuo a big hug.
“Fourth Sister, I’m fine.
It was just a false alarm.”

She also gave Feng Feifei a hug.
“Feifei, I’ll make delicious food for you in the future.
But you’re not allowed to deceive me!”

Lin Yu ran over and hugged Su Bei under Feng Ze and Lu Heting’s murderous gazes.
“You can have hotpot with me in the future.
It’s so good! Xiao Bei, you really scared me to death! As punishment, you can treat me to hotpot for a year.”

“Okay, okay.
It’s fine even if it’s ten years!”

Gu Xifeng was a calm man.
He shook his head with a smile and looked at Su Bei.

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“Little Third Brother, Boss, I’m really fine now.”

She did not hug Gu Xifeng and Feng Ze.

Gu Xifeng was alright with that, but Feng Ze lowered his eyes in disappointment and looked away.

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