Chapter 467: Large-scale Drama Set

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Although everyone was a little disappointed, they knew that Su Bei would not appear to face everyone for now.

Yue Ze stood on stage and said to the reporters below the stage, “Everyone, today, we will clarify everything that has happened to Su Bei.
I hope to have everyone’s full attention so that you won’t miss a single detail.”

The reporters naturally would give him their full attention.

No matter what Yue Ze said tonight, whether it was a clarification or an explanation, it would become the headlines for tomorrow morning’s news.
It would affect their bonuses and performance this year.

“Also, we’ve ‘invited’ Madam Zhang Baozhen to the venue today.
There’ll be an in-person explanation for everything.”

The reporters immediately looked around but did not see Zhang Baozhen.

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“Where’s Zhang Baozhen?”

“When will she appear?”

The legal wife and the suspected mistress would be having a face-off.
Such a large-scale drama set naturally made the reporters excited.
A hundred possible headlines had already appeared in their minds.

“Madam Zhang is still on her way and will arrive soon,” Yue Ze said calmly.

As Zhang Baozhen could not be bothered to show up, it took some tricks to ‘invite’ her.

This was handled by Lu Heting.

Yue Ze was even more impressed with this man and curious about him.

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The reporters stopped looking for Zhang Baozhen and turned to Yue Ze, waiting for his explanation.

Yue Ze adjusted his gold-rimmed glasses and said, “First, let’s talk about the claim that Su Bei beat up Madam Zhang Baozhen.”

The reporters were overjoyed and listened attentively.

“Su Bei did slap Zhang Baozhen, but it can’t be considered a beating,” said Yue Ze.

“What? So Su Bei hit Zhang Baozhen? Did I hear wrongly?”

“It’s rare for a mistress to be so arrogant.”

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“It’s really big news! Su Bei has no one backing her now.”

Yue Ze looked at the reporters coldly.
“If you don’t want to continue participating in tonight’s press conference, you can leave.
Otherwise, please don’t voice out for the time being.”

The reporters were hesitant to leave and immediately shut their mouths.

At the same time, Sheng Tang’s security guards had already started to enter the scene.
It seemed that if anyone dared to casually gossip about Su Bei, they would immediately ask the reporters to leave.

Everyone quietened down.

Yue Ze continued, “The reason why Su Bei hit Zhang Baozhen was because Zhang Baozhen forcefully brought Lv Shan away and wanted to abort the child in her stomach.
That’s right, Su Bei isn’t a mistress, but neither is Lv Shan.
However, Zhang Baozhen insisted on thinking that Lv Shan is one, so she wanted to abort the child in Lv Shan’s stomach.
She didn’t hesitate to break the law and brought a group of people to kidnap Lv Shan from her home, sending her directly to the Zhang family’s private hospital to force an abortion surgery on her.

“If Su Bei had not arrived in time to call the police and stop Zhang Baozhen from harming Lv Shan, the abortion would have been carried out.

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“Let me ask a question.
If Su Bei did this to protect her manager and an innocent fetus, even if it was a slip of the hand, it’s understandable, isn’t it?”

The reporters immediately replied, “If it’s true, then it is indeed understandable.”

“That’s right.
Isn’t forcing an abortion on someone a beastly act?”

“She even kidnapped her and tried to force an abortion on her.
Country S is a lawful country.
We can’t allow this to happen!”

The female reporters were particularly agitated.
They viewed such behavior with critical eyes.

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