Chapter 466: Don’t Be Merciful

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“Could Su Bei really be a mistress? Is she feeling guilty and that’s why she hasn’t responded even after so long?”

“I pity Zhang Baozhen.
She must be badly hurt that a socialite like her personally took matters into her own hand and dealt with a model.”

“I’m afraid that Su Bei is really doomed this time!”

“Recently, Su Bei’s activities have almost completely stopped.
This is also a warning to those who are mistresses.
They’ll all be caught and done for sooner or later.”

“Zhang Baozhen said that Su Bei is pregnant.
Could Su Bei have gone for an abortion during this time?”

Looking at the opinions online, it was a rare moment that Su Huixian was happy.

Unexpectedly, Cai Anying’s appearance did not deal Su Bei a direct blow but it was a sneak attack, causing Su Bei to fall into a quagmire.

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Qiu Minxuan said from the side, “Huixian, Su Bei hasn’t responded.
I’m guessing Sheng Tang hasn’t thought about how to handle public relations.”

“But the mistress isn’t Su Bei, it’s Lv Shan.
Su Bei has countless opportunities to turn things around.
It all depends on how Liang Hanwen and Zhang Baozhen handle it.
I hope the couple won’t be merciful.”

Su Huixian curled her lips.
She knew that Zhang Baozhen was not a kind person.
If Su Bei provoked her, she would probably suffer in this circle.

“Collect this information and let Du Luo take a look at it as well,” Su Huixian instructed Qiu Minxuan.

Qiu Minxuan agreed but felt that there was really no need to do so.

Su Bei had already left so long ago, so how could Du Luo still remember the past they shared? Doing such a thing would only make things worse.

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Just when everyone was in an uproar, Yue Ze finally appeared.

He posted a message on Weibo.
“At 8 p.m.
tonight, we will be at Sheng Tang to hold a press conference.
We’ll answer all of the questions regarding Su Bei.”

“Is Su Bei apologizing?”

“Will Zhang Baozhen be there?”

“What’s exactly going on with Su Bei’s pregnancy?”

“Will you clarify who the mistress is?”

Everyone was paying attention to Yue Ze’s Weibo post.

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This was not only a matter of the fans’ concern but also the focus of everyone else.

The fans wanted things to be quickly clarified so they could use solid evidence to slap the faces of those people who were gossiping!

“We will clarify all these questions tonight.
Please look forward to it.” Yue Ze made another post.

He used the word ‘clarify’!

Su Bei’s fans were so excited that they were rubbing their palms together.
They had known from the start that Su Bei was innocent! Their Su Bei would never do anything to disappoint them.

It turned out that they were right!

The press conference at night was held in Sheng Tang.

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At the scene, there were as many reporters as there were stars in the sky.
Sheng Tang had never attracted so many reporters even when a top actress was facing a situation back then.
This was enough to prove Su Bei’s popularity, but at the same time, it could also be seen just how big the impact of this matter was.

Tang Xinru had already authorized Yue Ze to handle everything.

The information Lu Heting gathered was also handed to Yue Ze.

Lu Heting himself had quietly appeared in a corner.
He was paying attention to the development of the situation.

There were countless bodyguards scattered in the dark around them.
They only had one goal—to protect Su Bei from all directions.
They could not afford any mishaps.

The reporters were already waiting in place.
When the door to the main hall opened, Yue Ze and Lv Shan appeared at the same time while Su Bei was nowhere to be seen.

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