Chapter 454: Throw The Phone Away

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He still had to meet Zhang Baozhen and talk to her.

Yue Ze called Su Bei and told her that Zhang Baozhen was willing to meet him.
He also told her that there might be a problem between Lv Shan and her fiancé.

Su Bei, who was eating with Gun Gun and Da Bao, said, “Then I’ll have to trouble you to try and talk things out with Zhang Baozhen first.
I’ll go see Sister Lu later.”

“You need to go out?” Lu Heting asked.

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“There’s no hurry.
I’ll accompany the two children to eat first.
Now that they’re in school, I don’t have much time to accompany them.” Su Bei showed a bright smile and gave Gun Gun and Da Bao each a kiss.

Gun Gun shouted obediently, “I want to eat more tofu.
Bei Bei’s cooking is the best!”

“Alright, I’ll give you more.”

In a hotel, Liang Hanwen was hugging a woman and smoking a cigarette.

That woman was Cai Anying.

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After Cai Anying got into the socialite circle with Su Huixian’s help, she got to know Zhang Baozhen and thereafter, Liang Hanwen.

As a big shot in the industry, Liang Hanwen had seen countless women, but it was the first time seeing someone like Su Bei.
She managed to arouse his interest.

However, the boss of Sheng Tang, Tang Xinru, was not to be trifled with.
Liang Hanwen was also strictly controlled by his wife, Zhang Baozhen.
Hence, he naturally did not dare to lay a hand on Su Bei.

However, Cai Anying was following in Su Bei’s footsteps and was known as ‘Little Su Bei’.
Even when she was not working, she would always dress up like Su Bei.
It was because of this that she and Liang Hanwen hit it off.
It did not take long for the two to enter a hotel room and spend the night there.

Cai Anying wanted to use this big shot to eliminate Su Bei.

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Coincidentally, Su Huixian had exposed Lv Shan’s secret again.
Zhang Baozhen was busy eliminating the ‘mistress’, which gave Liang Hanwen and Cai Anying a chance to be together.

Cai Anying said sweetly, “Wen, I’ve never thought of breaking up your family.
I’m only with you because I have a crush on you.
But recently, your wife has been getting people to follow you everywhere.
If we’re photographed, I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to even see you after that.
I’m afraid that I can only entrust my heart to you in my dreams.”

“Didn’t you make Lv Shan your scapegoat?” Being admired by a young woman made Liang Hanwen feel good.

“But Lv Shan has a very bad temper.
She even said that everything that happened between you and her back then was your fault.
She pushed all the blame away and said that she wanted to expose you for lying to her back then.
Apparently, she’s relying on her child to go against your wife.
Why don’t you help your wife settle Lv Shan’s matter so that your wife won’t be suspicious of you and instead direct all her anger to Lv Shan?”

Liang Hanwen knew that Zhang Baozhen wanted Lv Shan to have an abortion.

Even though that child had nothing to do with him.

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He was in a passionate relationship with Cai Anying now, and he did not want his wife to find out anything.

If he pushed all the blame to Lv Shan, then he could protect Cai Anying from others.

He immediately took out his phone and called Lv Shan.

Lv Shan was sitting on the sofa, crying sadly..
When she saw this number that had not called her for so many years, she threw the phone away like it had burnt her hand.

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