s not afraid of Su Bei despite the humiliation she caused her.

However, who gave her the courage to take a photo of a rich second-generation heir like Mai Shanheng with the intention to get him into a scandal?

“Mister… Mr.
Shanheng…” Sun Man’s legs were trembling.

Mai Shanheng suddenly thought of something and said to the waiter, “Fish out the phone and see what’s inside.”

“No, Mr.
Shanheng…” Sun Man was shocked.
Of course, there were private things on her phone.
Not only did she have messages exchanged with the investors but she had also taken photos of herself and the investors.

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If all these were exposed, then she would not be completely banned!

Not only her current company but no other company would want her anymore!

Sun Man’s lips trembled as her eyes lost focus.
She held Su Bei’s hand.
“Su Bei, help me.
For the sake of our relationship as colleagues, help me persuade Mr.

Su Bei flung her hand away.
“When you took my photo just now, did you consider our relationship as colleagues?”

Obviously, it was up to Mai Shanheng how he wanted to deal with Sun Man.

Su Bei left with the woman who had been splashed with wine.

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Su Bei smiled and said, “Thank you for helping me.”

“I’m not just helping you.
I know Mai Shanheng too.
I don’t want to see you two get involved in a scandal.
Besides, I’ve seen your catwalk.
I like your style,” the woman quickly spoke.
She was a straightforward person.

“Thank you.
Why don’t you come backstage with me to change your clothes?” Su Bei said.
After all, Sun Man had splashed her with wine because of her.

The woman was about to agree when a man came over with a set of clothes..
He bowed and said, “Eldest Miss, the clothes you want are here.”


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