she was sleeping with big shots to gain resources, which was something female artists wanted to be the least involved in.
However, there was no evidence to refute it.
Sun Man’s star career was looking bleak.

Su Bei’s fans could finally hold their heads high.

Not only did she clear her name and prove that she did not snatch the jobs of others, but her goodwill was also publicized.
It was indeed a stark contrast to Sun Man.

While Sun Man was drinking, Su Bei was hard at work.

While Sun Man was on leave, Su Bei was hard at work.

When Sun Man was talking bad about Su Bei, Su Bei was still hard at work.

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Even Su Bei’s fans who prioritized her career could no longer bear to reprimand Su Bei for not taking on long-term work.
Su Bei was already working hard enough.
Why would she need to take on long-term work?

After returning from the amusement park, Da Bao and Gun Gun were so tired that they fell asleep.

With one in each hand, Lu Heting easily tucked the two little ones into bed.

Su Bei returned his phone to him and accidentally touched it.
She saw that it was her photo on the lock screen!

However, she was not dressed in women’s clothes in the photo but was Lu Bei in men’s clothes.

“I didn’t expect you to like this sort of…”

“Yeah.” Lu Heting especially liked how Su Bei had imitated him.
Her gaze and temperament made him feel like they were a ship.

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Su Bei found her phone and turned it on.
The moment she switched it on, messages flooded in like a tide.

“Su Bei, you’ve avenged yourself! That deceitful Sun Man has been slapped in the face.” Lv Shan’s message was the first one Su Bei saw.

Su Bei immediately looked at the situation online.

Sure enough, Mr.
Walter’s statement was powerful and resonant, slapping Sun Man and her fans in the face.

Su Bei revealed a smile and replied, “This is how committing many acts of injustice will bring you to your doom! This is the first time I want to praise the paparazzi who took the photos.”

“Hahaha, the paparazzi are really impressive.
They were even able to take such photos.”

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