Chapter 40: Chapter 40 The Knight in a Shining Armor

Just as Su Bei began to worry about whether Lu Heting would pick up the phone or not, his voice came as soon as the call was connected.
She didn’t even have the time to react.

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“Su Bei,” the man on the other end of the line said in a calm and sexy voice, which was inexplicably reassuring through the electric current.

Lu, can you pick me up? I’m in a hurry, but I’m trapped in a very remote place.
There is a heavy traffic jam, and it will be too late for me if I have to wait for a taxi!” Su Bei pleaded.
He was her last hope.

“Send me your location.
Don’t worry.
I’ll come as soon as possible.
Wait for me.” Without hesitation, Lu Heting stood up and strode out of the office.

Su Bei was slightly relieved.
Lu Heting’s words sounded magical, with a soothing effect on her.

The driver was still busy trying to fix his car.
Su Bei didn’t blame him, nor did she continue to talk to him.

In such a remote place, she’d better protect herself.

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But as time ticked, Su Bei became more and more nervous.

Would Lu Heting get there in time?

She checked her watch.
Even if he couldn’t come, she wouldn’t blame him.
At this hour, with such a traffic jam, it would be difficult for anyone to get to her.

Qiu Minxuan and Su Huixian really knew what they were doing!

As she waited for Lu Heting to arrive, Su Bei leaned against the car door and looked at Jingdu City’s view.
It was sunset, but the whole city was already lit up with neon lights.

She sighed softly.

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In the end, it didn’t take too long for Lu Heting to get to her.
Knowing that she was in a hurry, he didn’t drive his car but took the motorcycle that had been lying in the garage for a long time.
Then he rushed to her location as fast as he could.

However, as Su Bei was deep in thought, she didn’t notice him coming.

The woman was in a tight and short dress, which revealed the perfect outline of her shoulders and collarbones.

In high heels, her two long, pale, slender legs became even more prominent.
Feeling the breeze against her face, she was so beautiful that she looked more like a picture than a real person.

“Su Bei, come!”

Hearing Lu Heting’s voice, Su Bei turned around immediately.
The man came on a super cool motorcycle, like a knight in his shining armor, stretching out his long arm to her.

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Su Bei ran towards him happily.
She really didn’t expect him to show up so soon.

With his help, she jumped on his bike, took the helmet from his hand, and put it on.

“Hold me tight.” Lu Heting put her slender arms around his waist and stepped on the gas.
The motorcycle then flew out like an arrow.

Su Bei yelled in surprise.
After all, she was on a speedy motorcycle on a winding mountain road.
But at the same time that her heart jumped out of her chest, she also wanted to laugh with excitement.

He really knew how to amaze her!

A faint smile appeared on Lu Heting’s face.
He was glad to help her.

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After he had picked up his princess, he rode his motorcycle through the mountain road expertly and soon arrived at the traffic jam in the city.

Although there were many cars in the way, Lu Heting’s bike seemed to run on an empty road.

On the top floor of Hao Jue Hotel.

At this moment, nineteen models from S Country entered the venue.

After passing the first test, the women were all considered top models in S Country.

In today’s interview, the body figure was no longer the focus of the jury.

Every model who got in this round had an impeccable figure, even though they all came in different shapes.

Now, each of them should show their unique charm, which was the main thing that Orisa wanted to show the public.

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