Chapter 393: Appearance-obsessed Fans Collecting Photos Online

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Hao Jiali’s face darkened at once.
Most of the people who were praising Su Bei were genuinely praising her.
When Hao Jiali walked on the red carpet earlier, most of them had praised the gown she was wearing instead.

She did not know where Su Bei found this evening gown, but it made her look so beautiful.
It looked even better than the latest gown from YS that Hao Jiali could not wear.

As Su Bei walked down the red carpet, the shutters never stopped.

She walked over to the host and stood on the stage that was brightly lit.
She looked particularly outstanding.

“Su Bei, the gown you’re wearing tonight is very eye-catching.
But it doesn’t look like the evening gown from YS that was mentioned earlier, right?” The host had the same doubts as Hao Jiali.

Hao Jiali and the other artists also listened attentively.
They wanted to know which brand Su Bei was wearing.

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Su Bei smiled and said, “Actually, it’s sponsored by YS.”

Since YS had provided her with the gown, she had to clarify that it was their brand.

Wearing the clothes of a brand was equivalent to temporary cooperation.

However, she was currently wearing a gown that Wade had designed to be released next year.
Su Bei had not done any research on it, so she did not know much about it.

“That’s good.” The host seemed to think that it was not a gown from YS, so they did not continue to dwell on this matter.
Instead, they changed the topic and invited Su Bei to pose for some photos.

When the other artists heard that Su Bei was wearing a gown from YS, they could not help feeling envious.

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This brand was not very expensive, but all the new designs were elegant and sophisticated.

Among the major brands, their clothes looked good on a diverse group of artists who all had different figures.
However, their clothes were not budget-friendly to purchase, and at the same time, it was difficult to get YS to sponsor them.
Many of them could only sigh in admiration.

Su Bei’s outfit was indeed enviable.

Hao Jiali had suspected that Su Bei’s gown was not from YS but after hearing her vague admission, her doubts only intensified.

This gown did not look like it was from YS.

If it was really a gown from YS, why did Su Bei not make a big fuss about it when the host interviewed her? Why did she give such a simple answer?

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Hao Jiali immediately took out her phone and messaged Jian Ping and her assistant.

Her assistant browsed through YS’ official website, magazines, and photos.
She did not see the gown Su Bei was wearing.

In that case, Jian Ping knew what was going on.

The red carpet event that night ended smoothly.
Su Bei’s first appearance after signing with Sheng Tang was a success.

The photo of her in YS’ evening gown quickly trended on the hot searches, attracting a large number of fans.

Of course, Lu Heting was also one of them.
He looked at the individual photos of Su Bei on the red carpet and saved a lot of them.

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Not only was everyone praising Su Bei for her beauty but they also praised her gorgeous and luxurious gown.

However, at this moment, a marketing account stated that they were suspicious of the gown Su Bei was wearing.

“In all these years, YS has never produced a gown like this.
Is the gown Su Bei wearing genuine?”

[Nine-grid collage of various YS gowns.

As a result, many fans looked up all the newest designs from YS and found that the gown Su Bei was wearing was not one of them.

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