In her heart, she was sure that Su Bei would not know someone like Tang Xinru.
She must have come to the hotel because of Du Luo and Su Huixian.

Tang Xinru said calmly, “I have no idea when Huiyao Hotel was acquired by Qian Yu Entertainment Company.”

As soon as she heard this, Qiu Minxuan’s expression changed.
It turned out that Tang Xinru was not here to attend the company’s banquet.

Then why did she come here? Qiu Minxuan looked at Su Bei.

Tang Xinru was already greeting Su Bei.
The two of them were talking and laughing, looking very intimate.

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“Su Bei, come and meet your new agent, Yue Ze.
Welcome to Sheng Tang.”

“Su Bei, welcome.” Yue Ze was a thin young man.
He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and looked very refined.
He was a famous agent in the industry.

Qiu Minxuan hurriedly left Hall 5 in a sorry state.
Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu also hurriedly followed behind her and slipped away.

Seeing that Qiu Minxuan’s face did not look too good, Su Huixian asked, “Su Bei refuses to leave?”

“She’s signed on to Sheng Tang.
Tang Xinru is celebrating with her in Hall 5.”

Su Huixian’s face darkened.

Sheng Tang had such a good reputation in the industry, and it turned out they wanted Su Bei right after she terminated her contract with Qian Yu Entertainment.

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How envious!

Even Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu looked envious.
As models, who did not want to go to Sheng Tang?

“Who was there?” Su Huixian asked in a trembling voice.

“Tang Xinru.
And she brought an agent and manager with her.”

Su Huixian calmed down a little.
Fortunately, Tang Xinru was not holding a big welcome party.
They were just having a simple meal together, so there was no celebration.

Su Bei was just a small-time model.
She did not have any outstanding achievements.
How could she have Sheng Tang make such a big fuss over her?

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