ustus Tulip.
This tulip is favored among aristocrats.
In its native country, the price of an Augustus is about the same as the price of a house from hundreds of years ago.
Even now, the price is not that much lower.
It was probably flown here by air.

“These Ice Cream Tulips look like ice cream.
They’re very beautiful, but they’re only in bloom for a short while.
You can only see them in April and May.
It’s already August, but we can still look at these Ice Cream Tulips.
Luo really worked hard this time.

Hearing Qiu Minxuan’s words, Zhu Fenfen and Zhong Xiu could not help but click their tongues.
Du Luo was really generous.

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“I really envy you, Huixian.”

Su Huixian walked all the way in.
Besides these rare and exotic flowers, there was also an exquisite banner with the words “I wish Miss Su a bright future.

“I wish you luck and happiness.
I wish you both success in love and career.”

It looked like the hotel had prepared the banner.

When they entered the hall, they found that it was empty.
However, the tables were all set up.

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In the lobby, there was a large and expensive chandelier.
The shiny silver cutleries were very eye-catching and luxurious.

The hotel manager came forward with a respectful smile.
“Miss Su, please come in.
Staff, hurry up and serve tea to the guests.”

Su Huixian and the others sat down at the table and enjoyed the delicious tea.

When Zhu Fenfen came back from the restroom, Zhong Xiu asked, “Why did you take so long?”

Zhu Fenfen said in a low voice, “The hotel is too big.
I made a mistake just now and walked to the kitchen by accident.
I saw a top chef checking the ingredients for tonight’s dinner.
I heard that the ingredients are all the best and super fresh as they were flown in by air.
He’s one of the best chefs around.
We can really eat our fill tonight.”

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