Chapter 359: When Will The Wedding Be Held?

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“My dear baby, thank you.
I love you.”

Gun Gun was so happy.
It was precisely because of him that Bei Bei could sleep so well.
Only when she slept well would her mood be better.

His actions had brought value!

Lu Heting seemed to say, ‘I want a kiss too’.”

Da Bao thought, ‘It’s so good to have Gun Gun here.
Someone can help me with Su Xiaobei’s enthusiasm.’

Lu Weijian thought to himself, ‘I’m really like a plate of pickled fish, sour and redundant.’

Lu Heting continued to express on his face, ‘The whole family put in the effort.
Why does only Gun Gun get kisses and hugs?’

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Aunt Chen served them breakfast and said, “Everyone can have breakfast now.”

At the dining table.

Lu Heting asked, “Mr.
Weijian, what are you doing here?”

Lu Weijian ate in a reserved manner, keeping up his appearance as a boss.
“I have something to discuss with Da Bao.”

He wanted to have a game match with Da Bao.
He had some questions to ask him.
Of course, he had to come visit him in person.

Lu Heting saw through Lu Weijian’s intentions and rolled his eyes at him.
“Da Bao is going to school soon.”

He meant that he did not want gaming to affect Da Bao’s studies.

“I also have something to discuss with Sister Bei Bei.
I’ve already calculated the remuneration for the last endorsement.
I’ll send it to her…”

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Lu Heting gave in.
This was indeed a serious matter.

Lu Weijian winked at Lu Heting.
‘I’ll also help you.
Watch me.’

Lu Heting picked up a bun for Lu Weijian and said, “Mr.
Weijian, eat more.”

Lu Weijian was flattered, but he sat up straight.
It was rare for him to enjoy his brother’s service openly.

When Su Bei heard that she would be getting paid for her endorsement fee, her eyes lit up.
Weijian, will you be paying me?”

“Yes, let’s have a drink later.
I have other works to talk to you about,” Lu Weijian invited with a smile.


Lu Heting agreed.

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In the cafe downstairs, Su Bei received money from Lu Group.
Looking at the number in her account, she was in a good mood.

A few million yuan was enough to raise Da Bao and Gun Gun till they were 18 years old.

Lu Weijian smiled and said, “Bei Bei, you did a good job in the commercial last time.
Many people asked me for your phone number but I didn’t give it to them.
You just filmed for me, I don’t want others to have you film for them as well.”

“Of course.
I can’t take on any more commercials for the time being.”

“Well, you and my brother already have Da Bao.
When’s the wedding?”

Su Bei choked on her coffee.
What wedding?

Lu Weijian hurriedly handed her a tissue.
“You and my brother are married in name.
Haven’t you thought of holding a wedding? Besides, you already have two children.”

“I want to keep a low profile,” Su Bei said with a perfunctory smile.

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“Do you have any thoughts on having a wedding?”

Seeing that he was serious, Su Bei hurriedly stopped him.
Weijian, I haven’t thought much about it.
Let’s not talk about this for now.”

“Bei Bei, what do you think of my brother?” Lu Weijian asked curiously.

He seemed to have heard from Aunt Chen that Lu Heting was still sleeping alone.

Of course, it was because of Gun Gun.
However, it was probably also because of Bei Bei.

Weijian, your brother is a good man.

“But what?” Lu Weijian’s eyes lit up.

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