Chapter 343: Tell The Truth

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“I’m not a patient, a family member, or a reporter.
I’m here to ask you to tell me honestly about Su Huixian’s pregnancy.
If you lie, you’ll know the consequences.” After being by Lu Heting’s side for a long time, Lu Hang’s tone and expression were similar to Lu Heting’s when he was serious.

Under the pressure of his powerful aura, Doctor Chen felt nervous.

However, he still played dumb.
“Su Huixian’s pregnancy is a private and confidential matter.
I have medical ethics, so I can’t tell you anything.”

As long as he insisted, the other party would not be able to do anything to him.
As time passed, the matter would be forgotten and he would get his money.

“Doctor Chen, you’re about to receive Su Huixian’s ten million yuan, isn’t that right?”

Lu Hang’s words shocked Doctor Chen.

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He could not help asking, “How did you know?”

“If you tell the truth now, you’ll still have a chance.
If you don’t…”

When Doctor Chen heard that Lu Heting knew about the ten million yuan, he did not know what was the identity of the person in front of him.

However, no matter who Lu Hang was, he knew that he could not escape.

Things were getting out of hand, and confessing was his only way out…

“Su Huixian was never pregnant.
She told me to lie to everyone.
The previous pregnancy test report was a fake report that I made for her.
Every pregnancy check-up was also done by me.
Of course, the reports for that were fake as well.

“This miscarriage this time was an even more ridiculous situation.
I didn’t know what she wanted to do, so I just went along and helped her.

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“I really didn’t know that she was going to frame someone using this matter.
I admit that I’ve done something wrong, but I really didn’t want to hurt Su Bei…”

Doctor Chen explained everything in one breath.

Lu Hang had been calmly recording the entire thing.
He said, “I understand everything now.”

“Can you let me go? I must’ve been blinded back then.
I just wanted to make more money, but I never wanted to hurt anyone…” Doctor Chen said anxiously.

“It depends on your performance in the future.”

Doctor Chen knew that Lu Hang might ask him to testify in the future.

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It seemed that it was inevitable that his reputation would be ruined.

Lu Hang called Lu Heting and reported, “Mr.
Lu, Su Huixian was never pregnant.”

Collect the evidence and keep an eye on Doctor Chen,” Lu Heting said.

At this moment, Lu Heting was driving Su Bei to Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

After hearing the news, Su Bei felt relieved.
“We were right.
Su Huixian had really faked her pregnancy.
I think she did this because she wanted to be with Du Luo without facing a hitch.
She hadn’t gotten pregnant yet, but she was afraid of exposing herself.
So she took advantage of the situation and blamed it on me… The Du family is suffering now because of her.”

The car arrived at Qian Yu Entertainment Company.

Su Bei got out of the car and went straight inside.

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After what happened this time, the people in the company had mixed feelings about Su Bei.

Wang Yizhi had asked her assistant to see if she wanted his help, but she refused.

She and Lu Heting could solve this problem themselves, so there was no need for an outsider like Wang Yizhi to interfere.

Many people who were on good terms with Su Huixian could not help but look at Su Bei differently when they saw her approaching.

Even when an aunty who was cleaning the place saw Su Bei, she waved the broom in her hand and almost hit Su Bei with it.

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