Chapter 322: Beauty That Surpasses Others’

Su Bei was casually standing at the side and picked up a cup of coffee.

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Song Ruinian was preparing for some activities, so he was obviously busy.

Su Bei was not interested in this event at all.
She just wanted to wait until the event was over so that she could talk to Song Ruinian .

While she was thinking, Su Huixian walked in with a big crowd.

Qiu Minxuan was by her side.
A few newbies such as Zhong Xiu and Zhu Fenfen were also following behind her, looking at her with admiration.

“Huixian, everything is ready.
You can go in now,” Qiu Minxuan said with a smile.

The most popular artists this season would be determined by the number of gifts they received today.

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Initially, Su Huixian looked down on these lowly activities that Song Ruinian had planned.
It was fair to say that they were very boring.

However, her reputation had been severely damaged recently.
She initially wanted to turn everything around at her engagement party with Du Luo.
However, she ended up being in the spotlight at the engagement party.
She even became a joke.

Su Huixian wanted her reputation to recover yet her plan failed.
Instead, her reputation was smeared even further.

Even if it was just a small team-building event today, she had to win.

It could be said that apart from the newbies, no one placed as much importance to this event as Su Huixian.

Qiu Minxuan followed her.
She had planned everything in advance.

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The event officially began.

Under Song Ruinian’s instructions, his assistant sorted and arranged the gifts that were sent to the company by the fans according to the artists.

After sorting it out, he told Song Ruinian, “The gifts we received this year have been piled up in several rooms.
It’s good that we’re distributing them earlier.
Otherwise, there wouldn’t be any places to store the clothes and tools in the company.”

Although many famous artists did not like this event, they were still happy to receive so many gifts.

This meant that the fans still remembered the artists in the company.
It also meant that they were still very popular among the fans.

After hearing what Song Ruinian’s assistant said, the atmosphere became lively.

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The host smiled and said, “The company is doing well now.
Everyone has made good achievements in their respective fields and received the love of their fans.
Today, we’ll give out all the gifts that were received.
Maybe the artists of some agents will have to call a truck over.
Otherwise, they won’t be able to bring back so many things by themselves.”

Everyone laughed and beamed.

Su Bei knew that she would not receive a lot of gifts.
She had repeatedly told her fans that no one was allowed to send her gifts.
They should focus on studying hard or working hard instead.
They should spend their money wisely.

Since the celebrity had said so herself, she rarely received gifts.

Su Huixian, on the other hand, was different.
Today, she was determined to suppress everyone.
She had even asked Qiu Minxuan to prepare all kinds of gifts to save her reputation in the company.

“I wonder who’ll get the most gifts?” one of the young artists asked happily.
“If only I could get stuffed toys.
I love stuffed toys.”

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Su Huixian secretly rolled her eyes.
That was all that person wanted? What was the point of keeping so many stuffed toys?

They only took up space.

Su Bei smiled and said, “If I get any stuffed toys later, I’ll give them to you.”

Su Bei was inwardly thinking, ‘I just want to end my contract.
Can this be quickly over with?’

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