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The woman he loved deeply had brought back his son.

‘Su Bei, thank you for letting me wait.

‘It was best to wait.
It was an expectation that required a long time and with no ending.

‘But I’m getting closer and closer to this goal every day.
It’s a never-ending desire that won’t be fulfilled or destroyed.

‘Every new joy found was encouragement, not a complete satisfaction.’

When Su Bei saw him standing there, she asked in surprise, “Don’t you have to work today?”

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“Lu Weijian is abroad.
I’m on leave,” Lu Heting lied without changing his expression.

Of course, he had to welcome his son back in person.
Why did he have to work?

Su Bei smiled brightly.
“That’s great.
I only work in the afternoon.
I’ll cook in the afternoon, so I’ll go get groceries now.”

Aunt Chen was about to say that she would go alone when Lu Heting picked up the car keys and said, “I’ll go with you.”

Da Bao said sensibly, “Go ahead.
I’ll take care of Gun Gun.”

“Thank you, my baby.” Su Bei kissed him on the forehead.

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Gun Gun jumped up.
“Gun Gun wants it too! Gun Gun wants it too!”

Su Bei kissed Gun Gun on the forehead.

“Daddy wants it too! Daddy wants it too!” Gun Gun immediately helped Lu Heting get some benefits as well.
He remembered every word that Lu Heting had said last time.
Only when he made Bei Bei feel the warmth of a family would she let them, father and son, stay by her side.

Gun Gun must extend a helping hand so that they can stay with Bei Bei!!

A kiss was the best show of warmth for a family.

Lu Heting bent over cooperatively and leaned toward Su Bei.
He stared at her red lips while looking straight into her eyes.

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