who he got married to and marriage was just about making do with each other? If so, why was he behaving like this to her?

Su Bei tilted her head and stared at Lu Heting, but her fierce gaze was not lethal at all.

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At this moment, Lu Heting really wanted to hug her again and talk to her about Da Bao.

He looked at Su Bei seriously and said in a low voice, “You didn’t intend to tell me about Da Bao?”

“That’s not it.
Don’t misunderstand me.
Actually, I was willing to let Da Bao acknowledge you as his father.
I just wanted to wait a little while longer so that we could find a timing where it would be more natural…”

Initially, Da Bao did not want to reunite with Lu Heting.
However, Su Bei had to take the blame for it now.
She did not want Lu Heting and Da Bao to have a gap in their relationship.

They were father and son.
They would live together for many years.
Besides, she would not be able to accompany them for long.
Hence, she would take the blame for everything.

Lu Heting accepted her explanation.

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He remembered that since the day she came back, she had been trying to pry into his personal life.
He guessed that she must have investigated him well before she brought Da Bao back.

She was really cautious, but it was a good quality.
Lu Heting had no complaints.

“Now, can you rest assured and let him live with me?” Lu Heting looked at her calmly.

Since things had already come to this, Su Bei naturally had nothing to worry about.
She nodded and said, “But Lu Heting, Da Bao is a little cold.
He doesn’t easily get along with others.
Please take that into consideration and try to bear with him.”

After she was gone, she wondered if the father and son could get along well.

“He’s my son.
That’s my duty.” The corner of Lu Heting’s mouth twitched.

Su Bei held the steering wheel tightly and did not bring up the other child.

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