, and even Lu Heting had a good impression of him.

However, he didn’t expect that some fans thought Su Bei and Lu Bei were a perfect match and even found a name for them—Bao Bei.

Upon seeing this, Lu Heting was displeased.
The netizens didn’t have a good taste! Lu Bei was a little better than Fang Shaocong but only better than Fang Shaocong!

“Take it away.” Lu Heting didn’t want to see this.

Lu Weijian immediately understood and said, “Brother, I will ask Director Guo to send me a photo of just my sister-in-law.
Well, take a look.”

That sounded good.
Lu Heting accepted the phone and quickly changed it to his phone’s background.

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After Lu Weijian left, Lu Heting logged in his own Weibo, quickly typing some words, “Lu Bei and Su Bei are not a perfect match at all!”

Because his account was not outstanding at all, and soon his words were swamped by other people’s comments.
It did not attract much attention.

But occasionally, someone saw his words and replied with an Emoji, “The two love each other.
You’re talking nonsense.”

Lu Heting was depressed for a moment.

But he had to admit that in this series of pictures, Lu Bei’s posture and eyes looked very good, on par with Su Bei’s.

In this advertisement, Lu Bei was good enough for Su Bei.

But it was just for this advertisement!

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Feeling so distressed that Lu Heting couldn’t read the document, he asked Lu Hang to make a cup of tea and bring it in.

In fact, both Lu Hang and Lu Weijian could feel the coldness on Lu Heting’s face.

“Did I do something wrong again?” Lu Weijian was confused.

“To be honest, Mr.
Weijian, you shouldn’t have shown Mr.
Lu the pictures about Lu Bei.”

Lu Weijian also regretted, but he tried to defend himself, “But those photos are public.
If I don’t show them to him, he can see them too!”

The two of them were ready to face the challenge!


Lu Weijian: unhappy!

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