Chapter 284: chapter284 These Bitches Wanted to Steal Fang Shaocong’s Spotlight

This doctor was one of the best doctors in real life.
He always answered people’s questions and spread all kinds of medical knowledge on Weibo.
He was very popular and respected.

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So when he released such news in person, the response was tremendous.

Like a stone stirred up thousands of waves, although the doctor was also scolded, people changed their minds of the matter of Fang Shaocong playing with women.
People didn’t completely believe that it was a rumor, and some people began to slowly believe it.

Once the truth was revealed, the comments on Weibo also changed.
Fang Shaocong’s fans didn’t have the overwhelming advantage.

Gradually, the discussions among the onlookers became rational.

Whether or not Su Bei would harass such a “good” male artist, everyone kept a reserved attitude.

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“It’s wrong for the doctor to expose others’ privacy, but he didn’t tell us the patient’s name.
I think what the doctor said is reasonable.
We’d better don’t have promiscuous sexual relations.”

“Wow, this news is incredible! I’m afraid that half of the entertainment industry in S Country will be involved!”

“You are right! So I don’t think it’s possible for Su Bei to seduce Fang Shaocong.
Isn’t there a fan like Lu Weijian behind her? Compared to a rich man, will she choose a bad man?”

When the doctor released the article, he received many negative comments.
But then several female artists in the industry jointly posted an article on Weibo and signed their names!

The content of the article on Weibo was all accusing that when they were working with Fang Shaocong, they were harassed by Fang Shaocong in the crew, because they were unwilling to accept to be with Fang Shaocong.
Then the scenes of these female artists were deleted, and two of the female artists’ scenes were totally disappeared.

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Three female artists were even kicked out of the crew, and they were told that they were not needed for the TV series they had participated.

They not only released the joint article on Weibo, but also released the contract and shooting records when they cooperated with Fang Shaocong.

Female artists always cherished their reputations in the entertainment industry.
They were always eager to stay away from these affairs.

So it took them a lot of courage to get together to accuse Fang Shaocong.

In fact, in private, Lu Weijian asked someone to find those female artists who had been bullied by Fang Shaocong and invited them to testify against Fang Shaocong.

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The dozens of actresses who really stood out were suppressed by Fang Shaocong, let alone became famous.
Now they couldn’t make money for their basic lives.
So when Lu Weijian found them, they immediately agreed.
Even if they couldn’t drag down Fang Shaocong, they also wanted to seek justice for themselves.

There were still many people who didn’t stand out because they were afraid of Fang Shaocong.

Their appearance stirred up waves again.

Fang Shaocong’s fans, however, defined these people’s behaviors as, “Stealing the spotlight! These bitches all wanted to steal Fang Shaocong’s spotlight!” “You don’t even deserve to carry shoes for my idol.
How could he want to sleep with you? Even if you are a free gift, no one wants to have sex with you, okay?”

“Look, they are a group of people who want to be famous.
They all did it on purpose.
I curse them that they won’t be famous forever!”

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According to what these female artists said, the audience checked carefully and soon found that their scenes were indeed very few.
Some artists appeared in the previews but disappeared in the following episode.

So these female artists’ words sounded completely reasonable.

Su Bei’s fans had been suppressed for a long time and they immediately appeared to defend Su Bei.

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