Under Lu Heting’s intense gaze, Su Bei couldn’t think clearly.

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As she calmed herself down, the names Qiu Minxuan and Su Huixian finally crossed her mind.

It was obvious that this gift was Su Huixian’s idea.

It seemed that her half-sister would never stop picking fights with her.
Then, bring it on!

Looking at the woman’s slender and graceful figure, Lu Heting frowned deeply.

Why did she come back this time? How long would she stay?

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After a long time without smoking, he grabbed a cigarette between his fingers and lit it.
Taking a drag, he blew a few smoke rings through his thin lips.
It took him a while to suppress the annoyance and desire in him.

Then Lu Heting drove back to the Lu Hu International Villa where he lived.
As he walked inside the house, he handed his coat to the housekeeper.

Undoing his tie, he threw the box he received on the tea table and sat down, unable to get Su Bei out of his head.

At that moment, Lu Weijian walked in leisurely.
With long dashing eyebrows and a pair of long and thin brown eyes, he spotted the box on the tea table at a glance.

He sat down casually and reached out to grab the box as he said, “Brother, you’ve changed! I just left you a while ago, and you’ve already got yourself this? Have you had your eye on one of the models? What’s her name? Where did she come from? Are you going to cheat on my sister-in-law?”

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“She is your sister-in-law.” Lu Heting raised his head.
There was no emotion in his eyes.

“Wait? What? Does my sister-in-law really exist?” Lu Weijian was shocked.
In the past five years, Lu Heting’s wife was just a woman occasionally mentioned in the Lu family.
Everyone thought she was a person made-up by his brother.
Lu Weijian never expected her to really exist.

Excited, he continued to ask, “So did she finally graduate? Will she go abroad again? Or is she back to be with you for good?”

Lu Heting remained silent.
Noticing this, Lu Weijian added, “Do you want me to arrange a welcome party for her? I’ll hold the biggest party she has ever seen.
I’ll invite all the most impressive young men in our company, so my sister-in-law can choose whoever she likes best…”


Lu Heting narrowed his eyes and gave him a warning look.

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Lu Weijian quickly changed the course of the conversation.
“I mean, it’s rare to have my sister-in-law back in the city.
Brother, you should get along with her.
You’ve been separated from each other for five years.
It must not have been easy.
You two are like the Cowherd and the Weaving Maid with the Milky Way between them…”

Lu Heting stood up and went upstairs.
Lu Weijian looked down at the condom in the box and scratched his head.
“Maybe I was overthinking before.
Since they’ve used this sort of thing, my sister-in-law exists! I didn’t expect that! I really have a sister-in-law!”

Lu Heting headed straight to the bathroom.
As he took a cold shower, he couldn’t help remembering the events of five years ago.

At that time, his grandmother was seriously ill.
The only thing she thought about was seeing her grandson get married.

After the bride his family chose for him never showed up at the Civil Affairs Bureau, Su Bei came across his way unexpectedly, like a lost deer.

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Although she disappeared as suddenly as she surged, he still told the whole Lu family about her as if she had never run away.

As the woman had never turned up in the past five years, people started to believe she was just an excuse for Lu Heting not to get married.
However, in his heart, the man had never forgotten about her.

Maybe he had been waiting for the day she would come back.

Loosening his tightly pressed lips, Lu Heting made a decision.

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