Thinking of this, Mrs.
Du relaxed and took a sip of coffee gracefully.

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Su Bei and Lu Heting opened the door and walked in.
Even in a seven star hotel, their height, aura and appearance made the people around look at them subconsciously.

But the people who appeared here were all dignitaries.
So they quickly snapped their gaze back after they glanced at Su Bei and Lu Heting.

Although they were not gossipy on the surface, they were both calculating the identities of the two.

Su Bei and Lu Heting walked to Mrs.
Du and sat down.
She smiled and said, “Nice to meet you, Mrs.
This is Lu Heting.”

Lu Heting greeted her simply.

“What can I do for you, Mrs.
Du?” As soon as Su Bei sat down, she asked straightforwardly.

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“Order something to drink first,” Mrs.
Du smiled.

Lu Heting took the menu and ordered drinks for himself and Su Bei.

Du smiled and said, “Su Bei, do you know that Du Luo wants to get engaged?”

Su Bei was stunned.
“I don’t know.”

She had never heard of it and didn’t care about it at all.
So many years had passed, and she had already had Da Bao and Gun Gun.
Everything about Du Luo had nothing to do with her.

She was a little stunned, just because she didn’t understand why Mrs.
Du wanted to talk about it with her in person.

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Su Bei then smiled, “Aunt, do you want to send me an invitation? Don’t worry.
After all, Su Huixian is my colleague.
If you invite me, I will definitely be there.”

Even for a token gesture, she would be there.

In Mrs.
Du’s eyes, these small changes of her expression meant that she still cared about Du Luo, so Mrs.
Du was very satisfied.

She smiled more kindly and said, “Su Bei, in fact, I still think you and Du Luo are more suitable for each other.
In fact, I still miss you these years.
If possible, I will invite you to have dinner with Du Luo…”

Du didn’t like Su Bei very much, but it was a good deal to use her to make Su Huixian retreat from difficulties.

As for whether she would agree to let her son marry Su Bei or not, that was another story.

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“No, thanks, auntie.
Since Du Luo was going to get engaged, he should be very busy.
Thank you for your kindness.
It’s not necessary for me to have dinner with Du Luo,” Su Bei refused politely.

She didn’t want to be involved in the affair between Su Huixian and Du Luo.
In that case, the paparazzi would hype this topic.

No matter Mrs.
Du was sincere or not, Su Bei would never do such a stupid thing.

“Su Bei, have you really never thought about getting back together with Du Luo?” Mrs.
Du came straight to the point.

As soon as she finished speaking, she clearly felt that the man sitting next to Su Bei became serious, which gave her a faint sense of oppression.

Noticing the hostility on Lu Heting’s face, Su Bei smiled at Mrs.
Du and said, “Auntie, you must be kidding.
The past is the past.
Besides, do you know who he is?”

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Du didn’t know Lu Heting.
She hesitated for a moment and wondered who he was.

She didn’t believe that Su Bei would refuse her offer.
Back then, Su Bei left angrily because Du Luo was too partial to Su Huixian and didn’t believe her.

All in all, it was Du Luo who dumped Su Bei, not Su Bei who abandoned Du Luo!

Now that Su Bei had this opportunity, she should cherish it.

Du smiled confidently.
She was sure that Su Bei would agree!

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