Chapter 213: Chapter 213 Something Bad

All of a sudden, Gun Gun raised his head and kissed on Su Bei’s cheek.

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A bright smile appeared on Su Bei’s bright face.
She smiled at him.

Lu Heting’s heart missed a beat.
With a thought, he got close to Su Bei’s face.

Tenderness filled Lu Heting’s heart, and his eyes were thick and bottomless.
At this moment, he completely forgot that Gun Gun was still here.

With her bright eyes wide open, Su Bei stared at him and watched him getting closer and closer.

She didn’t escape.
What was more, at this moment, the aura between them had already blocked out the existence of Gun Gun.

Lu Heting was so close that Su Bei could see the fine hair on his face clearly.

“You…” Su Bei was stunned for a while, but she didn’t know what to say next.

“I know you like kids.” His eyes were fixed on her.
“So I don’t mind having one more.”

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Su Bei was shocked.
‘Is he going to do something bad here?’

Gun Gun was still in his arms.

“Lu Heting, calm down!” Su Bei said suddenly.

The atmosphere just now was swept away.

Coincidentally, her legs became weak and she fell to the sofa behind her.

Lu Heting reached out his hand to catch her in time, but he had to protect not only Su Bei, but also Gun Gun.
At that moment, he just pressed Su Bei on the sofa and Gun Gun lay beside her.

Fear rose in Su Bei’s eyes.

Lu Heting felt so regretful! Because he scared Su Bei!

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He shouldn’t have brought up the topic of having one more child in such a hurry!

Before he could figure out a remedy, the door was opened and Aunt Chen came in with bags of vegetables.

It was not until Su Bei pushed Lu Heting away that she found that he had closed his eyes and seemed to be asleep.

It took Su Bei a lot of effort to push him away.
She reached out her hand and hugged Gun Gun, and then pushed Lu Heting.
“Lu Heting? Lu Heting?”

She put her hand on the tip of Lu Heting’s nose to check if he was still breathing.

Lu Heting pulled a wry face when Su Bei did this to him.

Noticing that Lu Heting was still breathing, Su Bei breathed a sigh of relief.
But she felt that his skin was a little hot.

“Is Lu Heting running a fever?” Su Bei found a thermometer and checked him.

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As expected, the temperature had reached thirty-nine degrees.

Lu Heting didn’t sleep well on the ship.
Besides, he took a cold shower continuously and suffered a whole night after he came back.
Now he was sick.

Aunt Chen was also shocked when she knew that Lu Heting had a fever.
She quickly said, “Then I’ll call the doctor.”

The Lu family had family doctors.
Aunt Chen only needed to make a phone call.

“Okay,” Su Bei replied.

“No, thanks.” Lu Heting said in a hoarse voice and opened his eyes.

“No, you can’t go on like this.”

“I’ll take some medicine, then I will be fine.” He didn’t want more people to disturb Su Bei.

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Seeing that he insisted, Su Bei reached out her hands and helped him up.
“Then you go back to your room first, and I’ll find you some medicine.
What happened? Why are you sick all of a sudden?”

Lu Heting sighed in his heart.
It seemed that she really didn’t know what was going on.

But she didn’t need to know.

He was so heavy that Su Bei tried very hard to move him over.
When she put him on the bed, she fell down too.

The atmosphere in the room suddenly became intimate.

Su Bei immediately sat up straight.
“I’ll get you some medicine.”

When she broke loose from his embrace, Lu Heting was filled with a sense of loss.

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