Shang’s anniversary celebration.
And since it was their 20th year, this year was extra special.
The awarding ceremony was the utter center of everyone’s attention.

Even the number of netizens watching the live broadcast at this moment had reached its peak.

The host stood on the stage and said with a smile, “Up next is the part that we are all waiting for.
We will be giving out our most important award for tonight.
What are the criteria for this award? First, the contributions to the sales of Feng Shang.
Second, the evaluation of the artists’ popularity and works.
All right, I will lift the veil now.
First, let’s award our Mr.
Perfect for this year.
The winner is…”

“Lin Yu! Lin Yu! Lin Yu!” The crowd cheered loudly.
Even some stars couldn’t help screaming Lin Yu’s name.

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In the live broadcast, netizens also typed in his name in the live chat section.

Calls for Lin Yu to be awarded as Mr.
Perfect had reached the boiling point.
It was completely what everyone wanted.

So when the host mentioned his name with a smile, people’s faces showed an expression that said, “I knew it!”

Lin Yu walked onto the stage.
As a handsome young man with fair skin, he looked as wonderful as a jade.

After receiving the trophy, he bit it and asked, “Can this be eaten?”

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Everyone laughed in good faith, including Su Bei.
He was indeed a foodie!

“Thank you, everyone! The cakes at the party tonight are super delicious.
You guys must have a taste.” When Lin Yu winked at the crowd, they had all fallen pretty hard for him.

Laughing, Su Bei couldn’t help thinking, ‘Lin Stone is really an interesting person.
No wonder many people like him.’

Then it was time for the Miss Perfect Award.

When it came to this award, it was extremely controversial.
There was a burst of discussion on the spot, and the online viewers also had different options.
They even had good reasons to support their options.
But it seemed that none of them could convince others to change their thoughts.

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