Chapter 168: Chapter 168 Matching Outfits

The next day, Lu Heting wore the clothes that he and Su Bei bought yesterday.

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He wore a clean and simple white T-shirt, denim shorts, and a pair of simple white shoes.
Su Bei also always dressed this way.
So he thought that they were a couple wearing matching outfits today.

In his mind, he formed an image of him and Su Bei standing next to each other.
He was so satisfied with the product of his imagination that his eyes twinkled.

However, a trace of disappointment flashed through his eyes when she came out of the room, humming a song softly.
She was wearing a white dress, not a T-shirt or shorts.

But with her beautiful face and youthful temperament, the simple and ordinary white dress looked very different on her.
She made it look like one of the dresses of a top Italian luxury brand.

After a while, Lu Heting felt satisfied.
Su Bei looked good no matter what she wore, and she was also wearing white anyway.
His white T-shirt also matched her white dress.

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“I’ll drive you to the studio first.” He really enjoyed the task of sending her to work.

After dropping her off, he went directly to Lu Group.

Lu Heting parked his car at the underground parking lot and walked towards his exclusive elevator.

A security guard quickly ran over to him and said, “Sir, please wait a moment.
Guests and employees should go this way.
This is an exclusive elevator for the CEO.”

The security guards in this building seldom saw Lu Heting.
But they easily recognized him because he was very tall and eye-catching.
He wore suits and shirts all year round.
Even if they couldn’t see his face most of the time, they could still identify him from his temperament.

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But for the first time, he wore something that he didn’t usually wear today.
So even the security guard didn’t recognize him.

By the time the security guard got close to Lu Heting, he had already used his fingerprint to open the exclusive elevator and walked in.

It was only then that the security guard recognized him from his imposing manner.

Before the security guard could see his face clearly, the elevator doors closed.

“What’s wrong with Mr.
Lu today? Why is he wearing such clothes?” The security guard was confused.
“Did we let a wrong person enter the CEO’s exclusive elevator?”

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“No, he is our CEO.
Don’t you see his imposing manner? Actually, I’ve already felt his unusual aura from a distance.
How can he be a wrong person?”

The elevator took Lu Heting to the top floor.
His assistant ran over to him, only to be dumbfounded upon seeing his outfit.

Lu, are…are you going on a vacation?” the assistant asked and thought inwardly, ‘But he didn’t ask me to change his schedule.
What is wrong with him? Although he looks very handsome in his outfit, it’s not appropriate attire for conferences and other office activities.
As his assistant, should I remind him not to dress this way?’

Lu Heting seemed to have read his assistant’s mind, so he said, “Bring my suit here before the formal event.”

“Okay, Mr.
Lu.” The assistant wiped the sweat on his forehead.
Lu Heting had a spare suit in his office.

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But what was going on? He was really confused.

In Feng Shang’s studio.

Everyone knew that Wei Lan had already decided to put Lin Yu and Su Bei on the front cover.
And Zhuang Wenhao and Su Huixian would be on the back cover.

As for the other models, who were supposed to be on the cover collectively, they could only appear on the inside pages now.

This, of course, made them feel very uncomfortable.

“Huixian, is it true?” someone asked sourly.

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