Chapter 152: Chapter 152 What’s the Meaning of Life?

Su Bei and Lin Yu looked around.
It was only then that they realized that everyone’s eyes fell on them.

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To be exact, they were all staring at Lin Yu.

Before the two of them could react, a burst of screams resounded through the studio.
“Lin Yu!” “Lin Yu!” “It’s Lin Yu!”

It was hard to imagine that these shouts were actually coming from the staff in the studio.
They were even crazier than the fans outside.

“Wait! Am I not seeing things? Is he really Lin Yu? He is the one who has signed the contract with the biggest modeling agency in the United States and started his career at the age of thirteen, right? He was able to win all the model awards at the age of sixteen.”

“Right! And when he was seventeen, he appeared in a famous director’s movie.
Many people even called him The Beacon of Global Chinese.”

“Is he the Lin Yu who became famous all over the world before he turned twenty?”

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“Ahhh! Lin Yu, my prince charming! I want to be the mother of your children.”

All of a sudden, people from all directions swarmed over Su Bei and Lin Yu.

The staff also admired Zhuang Wenhao, but they were able to restrain themselves when he arrived.
But now, they were very vocal about their crazy admiration and love towards Lin Yu.

Zhuang Wenhao had become the best actor, and everyone approved his acting skills and character.
But he was not the ideal man in their eyes.
They admired him, but they admired his talents more.

Lin Yu, on the other hand, had a lot of female fans.
Almost every woman wanted to sleep with him.

In fact, someone had posted on Weibo before with a caption, “What’s the meaning of life if I can’t sleep with Lin Yu?”

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This post had been the topic of the most discussion on Weibo at that time.

A polite smile crept across Lin Yu’s face.
And the women around him seemed to revel in it.

He then said in a clear and gentle voice, “Do you want my autograph? I can give everyone a chance to have it.”

His smile seemed to have illuminated the whole world.

The staff screamed one after another again.

Lin Yu patiently took their notebooks and pens and signed his signature.

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“Lin Yu, why are you here?”

“I’m here to shoot a video for Feng Shang.
If you like it, please consider supporting it.” Lin Yu was like a handsome young man who had just come out of a comic book.
And every time he said a word, he would get countless screams as a response.

Standing next to him, Su Bei murmured, “Such a two-faced man! You are so real in front of me.
But you put on a mask in front of your fans.”

Su Huixian and Zhuang Wenhao were currently shooting, surrounded by some Feng Shang employees who were temporarily out of work.
They were watching Zhuang Wenhao with admiration.

Zhuang is worthy of being the best actor.
He is more expressive than other actors.”

“Su Huixian is not bad too.
She is a supermodel after all.”

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While the employees were watching, Su Huixian and Zhuang Wenhao kept changing their poses for the photographer to take photos.

But all of a sudden, they heard the employees whispered to each other.
Then they left and ran outside.

Su Huixian was confused.
She had no idea what was going on.
She also wondered why there was such a loud noise outside.
And why did those employees suddenly leave them?

However, those employees were not on duty right now.
They could go anywhere they wanted, and she had no right to complain.

After their first session, no one else was watching Su Huixian and Zhuang Wenhao except for a few essential employees.

“What is happening outside?” Su Huixian asked.

“I heard that Su Bei’s partner has arrived,” Qiu Minxuan replied with a smile.
“I don’t know who she has invited.
Almost everyone is watching and cheering for him right now.”

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