Chapter 129: Chapter 129 Morose

Gloom was written all over Lu Heting’s face.
Thinking of how Su Bei’s red lips approached him just now, a thick layer of coldness shrouded his eyes.

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Who was Da Bao?

He returned to his seat, turned on his laptop, and looked up Su Bei’s personal information.

In the past five years, he had restrained himself from looking for her because he was deeply hurt by the divorce agreement.
The wound in his heart only slowly healed after she came back.

Thus, he knew nothing about what happened to her in the past five years.

He traced her history in the past five years.
But just like the last time, he could only find some public information about her, such as her working experiences as a model.
He couldn’t find any personal information about her.

Lu Heting turned off his laptop and rubbed his glabella.

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Thinking that she liked someone else made his heart want to explode.
His emotion shattered, and this time, he felt like his wound couldn’t be healed.

Su Bei slept soundly all throughout the flight.
She only opened her eyes slowly when the plane landed in Jingdu City.

Finally, she was back.
It felt so good.
She yawned and stretched her body.

After saying goodbye to Lv Shan, she happily got into the car with Lu Heting.

She was so excited to see Gun Gun and Da Bao.

But Lu Heting’s aura was a bit morose and reticent.
It seemed that his whole being was wrapped with dark clouds, shrouded by a layer of mist.

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Su Bei was too excited to notice that something was wrong with him.
She was just fiddling with the gifts in her hands.

When they arrived at home, and she opened the door, Gun Gun rushed out directly.
He hugged her thighs and said, “My lovely Bei Bei, you’re finally back! I miss you so much!”

“I miss you too! So I’ve bought a lot of gifts for you.” She hugged him and kissed him on the cheek.

Lu Heting just stood aside.
And Gun Gun didn’t seem to notice him at all.
Gun Gun jumped on Su Bei and wanted to hug her.

“I’ve bought a super invincible RC car for you,” Su Bei said as she handed a box to Gun Gun.

Gun Gun’s eyes lit up at once.
Although he already had all kinds of RC cars, the one from Su Bei was totally different.
It was the best!

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“My lovely Bei Bei, you are so nice.
You are the best cutie in the world!”

Su Bei turned to Aunt Chen and handed her a gift.
“Aunt Chen, this is for you.
Thank you for taking care of Gun Gun.”

“I’m only doing my job.
How can I accept your gift?” Aunt Chen was terrified.
She didn’t dare to accept the gift that Su Bei gave her.

But when she saw that Lu Heting nodded his head slowly, she took it.

“Thank you so much, Miss Su.”

It was only then that Gun Gun realized that Lu Heting had been standing there, and his aura seemed strange.

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Although Lu Heting was always serious, he looked a bit different today.

“Daddy!” A soft and cute smile appeared on Gun Gun’s round face.

Infected by this smile, Lu Heting also smiled.

But since he was still thinking of the man in Su Bei’s heart, his smile was forced, and his aura was gloomy.

“Bei Bei, what’s wrong with Dad?” Gun Gun asked Su Bei in confusion.

Su Bei glanced at Lu Heting and found that he was indeed particularly dull today.
He didn’t speak at all, but an invisible pressure coming from him had made people uncomfortable.

So she asked anxiously, “Heting, is something wrong? Are you very tired these past few days?”

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