Hero of Prophecies Heading to the Strongest World

Chapter VI: Sanctuary for the Demi-Humans (4)

City Palman – Home of Monarch Arthur. ”Sir, we have word that A-rank hunter Aslan was spotted in the demi-human den. ”

A soldier dressed in old sailor attire stood his arms in salute. The person in front of him sat behind his desk with a black ink pen balanced on top of his nose.

”Send Viktor to his location, that bastard has been waiting to get his revenge on that scum for a while now. ”

The soldier stood in position and shouted, ”Yes sir. ” before bowing to the man and leaving in a hurry. The man watched as the soldier left his quarters and let out a sigh.

”So, theyve spotted you… huh, Aslan. ”

He reached into the bottom compartment of his drawer and pulled out an old torn sailor hat with claws scratched into them. He patted the hat with dust coming from it and laughed to himself. ”I wonder what your next move will be. ”

We sat at the fountain. The streets were empty compared to this morning. The Goddess sat near me with an ice cream cone in her hand. ”And you are sure that you do not want one? They just invented this three years ago. ” She sat with a delighted smile on her face and her eyes sparkled.

”Yeah, its fine. I don do well with dairy. ”

”Another thing that your body can handle. You, mortals, have it tough. ”

”You need to get your ass out of that chair and leave already. You
e nothing but trouble. ” In the distance, a man with the tail of a lizard and the ears of a bear shouted at another man who sat quietly in his seat. ”Can you not hear; do you lack comprehension skills? Get your dumbass up and leave this place. ”

The man in question sat with his arms crossed and a barrel of beer in front of him. He was a built man with golden fur. ”Listen, Aslan, I know you can understand me. Those hairless apes are coming to collect your head. Do you want to rest of us to die with you or something? Because they won stop with just you. ”

The man sat back in his seat and growled at the bear-lizard man. ”Shut the hell up already. This is the showcase of this places so-called warriors. How pathetic. ” He scoffed, ”A true warrior would stand their ground and protect his home. The humans are already on their way, me leaving now won change a damn thing. So, if you want to survive, how about you run home and suit up, and stop crying like a little bitch. ”

The bear-lizard man grabbed the built man by his collar, ”There are children and pregnant women here, are you expecting them to lay down their lives for you? ” He screamed. The other man smacked his arm away and patted his shoulder. ”No, I expect you and the other, so-called warriors, to throw their lives away for me. ”

The scene fell silent and the two looked at each other for an unprecedented amount of time. ”Fine. ” The man said. ”I will inform the children and women to hide. In the meantime, we will prepare for battle. So at least rally up some fighters. ” He turned his back to the man, ”Our deaths are on you. ”

”Of course, it is… You should go into hiding Al; it wouldn be wise to fight them in your condition. ”

”Don try to give me pity… If I die, its because of you. Bastard. ”

The man left and the one in the chair sat with eyes focused on the barrel of beer. ”Ill be back, ” I told the Goddess. ”Okay. ” She said with a mouthful of ice cream. I approached the man as he sat with a forlorn look in his eyes. ”The hell you want a blindfold? ” Because of my eyes, the Goddess claimed that she could not properly train me, so she came up with the idea of covering them with a thin white cloth.

”I just wanted to know, what was that man so angry about? ”

”Al? Seems that theres a warrant out for my arrest. But don worry, that bastards just pessimistic. ”

I wasn entirely sure that this man was a demi-human. He wore the skin of a lion the same way a hunter may wear the skin of a bear. He wore it like a coat, the fur connected by two leather belts around his chest and shoulders, and the head of the lion sat on top of his head like a hood.

”So, this place is going to be under attack? ”

”I told you, that bastard is just pessimistic and thinks the worse. ”

”If that was the case, you wouldn have shown so much concern about that man. ”

He visibly became frustrated at my remarks and slammed his fists on the table. ”No one will be harmed. Ill deal with this situation. Understand me? ” He looked at me then heaved a sigh. ”Listen, they
e here for me, not you or anyone else. Got that? ” I sat in silence for a moment, there was nothing else to say.

”Understood. ”

I walked away from the man. But the same thoughts ran rampant in my head. ”I am certain that man is human. ” I mean, the closer I examined him, the more evident it was that he was simply wearing the skin of a lion. Is that enough to pass as a demi-human in this world?

”You struck up a conversation with him? ” The Goddess had finished her ice cream and sat on the fountain while looking up at the sky. ”I must say, I didn take you as the type to strike up conversations, especially with someone as brutal as Aslan. ” She sat up from the fountain and looked at me.

”Is that so? ”

”Aslan is a well-known bounty hunter in this world. A-rank (3), the most powerful creature in the sanctuary. What made you talk to him? ” She asked. ”Theres something about him… To start, hes the only person here that I can seem to hear the heartbeat of. ”

”I see, ” The Goddess stood from the fountain. ”Its time to leave this place. ”

”The sanctuary? ”

”Yup. I don think you
e ready for combat and I am not allowed to fight. So, if the war is going to continue here and now, it will only result in your death. Regardless of which side you choose to fight for. ”

”…understood. Lets go. ”

”The hell do you mean hide? ”

An elderly man struck Al upside his head with his wooden cane. ”The humans. It seems that they are coming to kill Aslan. ” Al said rubbing his bruised head, ”From where do they come, Al? ” A woman dressed in white asked. Al sat in a seat next to the old man, ”That, I do not know. ” He answered.

The room fell silent as Al rubbed his bruised head. Al had spent the past hour running through town explaining the situation to the others. He had no trouble recruiting his fellow demi-humans to join the battle; however, he faced the issue of hiding the less capable fighters of the sanctuary.

”Listen here body, we do not run from the humans. Do you not remember what they have done to us? Do you not remember what we created the sanctuary for? I would rather die a million times than run away. ”

The old man made his stance on the situation. His words carried substance; a tool used to motivate the others around him. The tavern was filled with cheers. They lifted their weapons and liquor in the air and cheered for the old man. Al sat with his fists balled and he gritted his teeth.

”You ignorant buffoon. Have you gone senile in your old age? We cannot lose you, the children, or the women of this town. Do you not understand? ” Al shouted. The tavern went silent, and they all glared at him. ”You must understand something, Al… ” A man with scales all over stood over Al. ”You lost your way, what would hiding bring us in the end? Huh? Have you forgotten the oath we made? We all stand and fight. ”

The tavern roared. Cheers filled the room as they awaited combat. ”But the women and children… ” A woman with white fur and brown stripes up to her butt interrupted Al. ”Stop it. Do you seriously believe that we need protection? ” She had a small horn in the middle of her forehead and stood with arms crossed.

”I know that we sound stubborn and stupid… but you forget where we all come from. Look around, we
e either covered in scars or branded by humans. I traveled the Jade Sea to live in peace. I had to kill humans, I had to leave my family behind. Tell me, why would I run away when my peace is being threatened? ”

Al sat in silence. The old man patted his shoulder and sat next to Al with a barrel of fresh liquor. ”Listen, Al, we are stubborn creatures, and we sit here rejecting your kind proposal. However, that is the way of our people. You are stuck in a small mindset, forgetful of your past. You wish to be the hero of a story without one. What we need is not a hero, Al, but instead, a community. ”

Al smiled at the old man and chugged the beer. ”To victory! ” He shouted out words of encouragement and the people of the Tavern smiled and cheered with him, ”To victory! ”

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