Hero of Prophecies Heading to the Strongest World

Prelude: Chambers of Goddess Asyn (Ah-Shine)

Letting another beautiful world die would be a shame.

Once upon a time—there was an entity that floated in an empty and vast plane of nothingness. Bored of its existence, the entity created the concept of existence and brought life into the plane. Space and time. The light began illuminating the darkness, and what followed was life.

To fill the emptiness of its home, the being created the nine realms. And what soon followed was the creation of the Gods and existence.

The duties of the Gods are to set order in the nine realms. From the creation of planets and life to the death of a star and universe. We were created to bring order and law to the universe.

But, around three centuries ago, an abnormal world appeared. It was your usual world. A world of fantasies, where dragons and demons ran rampant. And like any other world—a hero would occasionally be sent to free the people of that world.

This was the duty of that world. To simply exist and give purpose to the souls of mortals who yearn for more. But then, an unknown entity appeared in that world. Not much is known about this entity. Its said that it was born out of the darkness, and it bears a peal of laughter terrifying enough to haunt the dreams of a God.

The mere existence of this entity shook the nine realms. In just four years of its birth, it took hold of its world and enveloped it in a cloud of its birth. The entitys presence altered the landscape of its world. Flourishing its land. Because of the entity, the world surrounding it had to become stronger.

It claimed the world as its own, and only the powerful could survive. To continue surviving in its world, the people within it evolved. In his wake—every creature, every object, and even the star itself had to achieve new limits to live under his presence. Under the command of this unknown entity, the world had earned a new name: ”Sacolla ” and under the control of the entity—the world had only one ruler—the Demon Lord.

Since the evolution of Sacolla, the nine realms have been placed under immense pressure. To the mortals, this world cannot be that much of a threat. Its impossible for them to sense the pressure that Sacolla is placing on the multiverse. The world is an anomaly. It should not exist.

And yet—a Goddess such as myself is forced to summon more poor mortal souls and send them to a world of torment. The job of a Prime God/Goddess is simple. Enter a world and bring them peace. This holy duty is repeated until we are promoted to another tier. We serve our responsibility until the Supreme Ruler tells us not to.

Even so—even I feel a tremendous amount of reluctance. Sacolla is a unique world. A world that refuses to allow my heroes to survive. The task is simple in nature. Save a tormented or attached soul and turn them into a hero. Guide the hero and save the world. Once another issue occurs, we repeat the process.

That is the way of life. Existence.

Unfortunately—I am weary of this entire concept.

The moment I was appointed to Sacolla—I was fooled. They made me believe their lies and drove me to wholeheartedly believe that I was special. That—I earned Sacolla. But in the end, they were pushing all of their anxieties onto the youngest God and in the end, I would be the only one punished for the others incompetence.

There was no creature stupid enough to take on a task as terrifying as Sacolla.

No other person, divine or not, was stupid enough to take on Sacolla. Many Gods and Goddesses took on Sacolla.

And every last one of them lost.

If I could, I would simply foreclose the world.

Even with my thoughts on the matter, it doesn matter in the slightest.

Yet, as I speak on the matter—I find myself sitting on my throne with my hand pressed firmly against my forehead. ”Pass. ” In front of me were a thousand papers with the information and signature of every mortal capable of becoming a hero. You see—the Primordial Gods made a deal with the Demon King: if we continue to send heroes, he will hold off on his plan to infiltrate the Divine Realm.

To me, however, the Demon Kings request is rather trivial. For the past three hundred years, no hero has gotten close enough to battle the dictator. I am certain that the Demon King realizes this but insists on us sending more heroes. Im almost certain that this is part of his plan somehow.

I am flipping through the papers with all of this in mind. I am forced to send some unfortunate souls into that world and bring them endless torment.

For that—I am sorry

”Pass. Pass. Rejected. ”

The papers in front of me are either filled with mediocre heroes or heroes with a personality unfit for Sacolla. Too passive. Too stupid. Not brave. I am sending heroes into a world that Primordial Gods refuse to step into. My job sucks. I continue to skim through applicants with the knowledge that none of them will survive. At the moment, I feel more like a devil rather than a Goddess.

But then I found a mortal—more unique than the others.

Nicholas Haren

Race: Sut

Age: 24

Status: Alive — Occupation: Unemployed

World: E

「Personal Stats」

HP: 150/100

MP: 150/100

Strength: -50

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