’s potato face, I laughed coldly: [Special superpowers.]

Li Ruge’s was speechless: [This is ok ah?]

[No way right, Song Anran, your special Hermes Bag is so powerful, how could it be defeated?]

She bumped my shoulder, her face full of grievance: [I’m too disappointed in you, I denounce you as a failure of a second generation heir!]

I joined in with her antics: [Ai, I am only a merchant’s daughter.
I cannot compare to the Empress Dowagers’s golden glory and jade-like wealth.]


After laughing, LI Ruge asked me what I was going to do.

My participation in the competition isn’t just me, this type of thing should be discussed with the other team mates as well.

When we were eating lunch, I told the other two team members about this matter, everyone agreed that this cannot be the end of things.

[But we don’t have evidence.]

I took out the newly bought camera: [Since she dares come once, she would dare to come a second time, we can pretend that we don’t know.
Don’t let her become suspicious, that way we will have evidence.]

[That’s right, I will write the wrong data to leave in the lab, let’s see if that will mess with her.]

Xixi Theatre 

Empress Dowager and her Eunuch in maids costume sneaking around….: (^_-)db(-_^)

Camera: (◔◡◔)

Class president: *shivers in the Cold Palace* SAR super powers awaken 

SAR: *face palm* This bitch, ffs just leave me alone! 

Xixi: *in a lil foxy bundle with popcorn* Dearest readers, if you enjoy the Xixi Theatre experience kindly leave a five star review 

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